Friday, 30 October 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday - Surprises

I love getting surprises from friends, who doesn't? And on Sunday, when we got back to France, I got two beautiful surprises from two wonderful friends.

I checked the mail box after we had unloaded the car, and was so surprised to find a letter from my darling Suzy. Had to open it straight away of course, and this is what I found  inside -

Wrapped in that very pretty napkin were these -

two locks of the softest, silkiest hair you have ever touched, from Suzy's goats,

and some of the gorgeous rose trims she uses so beautifully in her collages -

Now I wish I was in England in my craftroom, lol, so I could use these beauties. But then I look out of the window or door here at the cottage, and I just wish I had brought my craftacase with me :-).

After we had unpacked and settled in, we drove down to visit our friend Frank and Christine, and thats when I received my second surprise. Christine knows me so well and she had found something so beautiful for me -

She didn't realise it when she bought it , but it turned out she bought a really beautiful Edwardian wedding veil!

and she gifted me with it!

Two thoughtful and beautiful gifts from very dear friends, I just had to share them with you for Wen's much loved Simply Neutrals Tuesday party.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, toodlepip xxx


Createology said...

Your friends know you so well and share the gifts of Creative Bliss. To be in France must be the most wonderful gift of all.

Valerie-Jael said...

What gorgeous gifts you got, you lucky girl, one lovelier than the other! Have a nice weekend, hugs, Valerie

Analia Cristina said...

Beautiful gift and very nice the tag!

Dorthe said...

Oh my dear Liz,
such beautiful gifts, such special gifts, and you, so deserves them!!!!
I am totally in love with everything Suzy send you, -the silky wool is beautiful, and I would love to touch it, and ofcourse the wonderful flowers are all a fantastic gift, too ,with one of her lovely tags.
The wedding veil, is awsome, and such a special find, I`m sure your eyes were shining with joy, when seing both presents!!
Wish you a weekend, not so grey, and with possibilities of working outside, to getting your garden ready!
Hugs, and hugs

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hello Liz. What gorgeous gifts you have received from such dear friends. Thank you for sharing them! Hugs, Sue

Betsy said...

Such lovely gifts from dear friends!
Suzy's tag is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with the hair from the goats! I knew you'd wish you had your craft case with you! The veil is Gorgeous!!!! Where will you use that??? Please who is pictures!!

Lace Age Girl said...

Hi Liz, what beautiful gifts! You must be over the moon. Suzy's goat hair looks so soft, and I love the bluebirds on the wrap. The veil is stunning, lucky you!



Wen Sylvestre said...

Oh my, how wonderful are the gifts you received! So sweet of Suzy and Christine. The goat hair is so gorgeous and that amazing lace veil, wow! Wishing you a wonderful time in France and sending you bisous et calins!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Liz, What wonderful surprises! Could leave a girl in awe : )
I hope to see your creations with them soon~ Blessing to you, Karen