Thursday, 4 December 2014

A little time spent crafting

At the moment, I find it really difficult to get any crafting done. There is so much on my to-do craft list, but..... lol, time just flies and I seem to lose days all the time. Hah, make that weeks. How can it possible be December already?
Anyhoo, I had not taken part in the Tag Tuesday challenge for a couple of weeks, so this week I was really determined to make a tag. The theme was Let's Dance! and ballet sprang to mind straight away. I adore classical ballet, and one of the most beautiful and memorable performances I have watched was Nureyev dancing in Romeo and Juliet. Gosh, that must have been in the 70s. So thats what I went with for this week's tag -

I also spent some time making something else. Something not involving paper or tags, lol. 

You see, a little while ago, I was looking through all the wonderful things which were popping up on my Etsy homepage, and amongst other lovely stuff there were some really interesting looking ceramic beads. Unusual free shapes and glorious colours, and I thought they would match the fabric beads,which I made a while ago, perfectly. Couldn't resist them, I ordered them, and a few days ago they arrived. And yes, when I put them together with my fabric beads, I thought they were a match made in heaven, lol. 

I gathered a whole lot of beads and chains and bits and pieces together to make myself a necklace. Such fun! In the end though, I changed course, discarded most of the stash, and went for a much lighter and airier look -

I want to make more! :-)

Well, I had better get on with my chores, otherwise I will never find the time to do more crafting.

Toodlepip xxx


Marci said...

They are beautiful! The greeny, neutral one is my favorite, it looks so light and airy. Your tag is gorgeous, also.

Analia Cristina said...

Hi,beautiful tag,the lace is very nice!

Wendy Green said...

Gorgeous! Wow such a beautiful necklace dear Liz, great job. And your tag is sweet and gorgeous too. I love to (re-)watch those two very talented dancers. Sending you big hugs xx

Createology said...

Terrific Tags however it is your beautiful necklace that has me swooning. This looks like what a lovely mermaid would be wearing as she finds bits and bobs and saves them. Stunning! Sharing Joy and Jingles...

angie said...

they are beautiful!!!!!! angie

Betsy said...

So Beautiful! I LOVE the tag and your necklace is awesome! SO GORGEOUS!
You are so creative...I need to get Creative!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a beautiful and inspirational tag, and your necklace is so pretty and so creative.

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm just like you Liz, running way behind. Someone stop the clock please. Such a lovely tag and glad you found some time to play
Beautiful necklace you made too. A match made in heaven with your beads and the purchased ones.
Hugs Lynn

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz ,
Your necklace is gorgeous, and those pearls you made yourself , are still some of my favorite seen fabric beads. They are so wonderfully tattered ,I love that,- and oh they are amazing with the ceramic pearls you have purchased - that necklace will be a favorite of yours, I`m sure.
Your tag is wonderful, and I wsi I could say I saw Rudolph Nureyev dancing, but only on tv - they were both fantastic dancers.
Oh and I have to tell you, that we were together last night, having fun, in a sunny place !!! At least in my dream !!! LOL
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Kelly_Deal said...

Your creations are lovely as usual Liz!

Alexandra Eitel said...

Die Fabric Beats habe ich schon bei Suzy gesehen und war hin und weg. Traumhaftschön meine Liebe.