Friday, 28 November 2014

Did you?

Did you brave the masses and venture forth to find yourself some Black Friday bargains? Good grief, Black Friday fever has also taken hold here in the UK, and I was somewhat bemused when I saw the news this afternoon - you'd think there was a riot and looting going on in so many supermarkets and departments tores, the way people fought each other to tear stuff off the shelves, not even looking what they were taking, just anything! Fights, arrests..... lol, I am not one to risk life and limb to get a few ££ off something I don't even really need.
Enough said.

Those of you who also look at my Vintageland blog might have noticed that although I promised to show something new in the shop every day, I failed miserably yesterday. I had orders to get out, customer requests to deal with, needed more tags, needed more business cards, return address labels, etc etc, I just had too much to do. Also, the weather was so horrid and dark and grey, I couldn't take any photos. I did make some new tags and also some boxes for the rosaries I have listed in the shop -

I did take more photos for the shop today though. I was having a real LADIES DAY, lol. Pretty little things. Femine fabricy things, darling little silver bits, litte paper mache boxes..... they looked so pretty, I decided to show them to you on here as well -

I might be able to list some of them tonight, the rest tomorrow, and I'll try put whatever gets listed onto the Vintageland blog tonight as well.

So I had better get on with it, right? Lol, Have a great weekend, toodlepip


angie said...

danke für die schönen bilder!!! ein schönes advents-wochenende wünscht angie

suziqu's thread works said...

All I can say is - everything looks to utterly gorgeous! All those little containers, boxes, jars are so delicate, flowery, soft in colour in face, as feminine as you could possibly get!
And, of course, the little nightie holders are amazing - love all of the beautiful fabrics and quilting!
xox Suzy

Andi's English Attic said...

Such prettiness.
As much as I'm dismayed that we appear to have adopted one of the nastier things from the US I am also heartened by how many people are appalled by it. xx

Dorthe said...

The little boxes you created are so lovely Liz and the tags ,too so wintery sweet, I keep all I have from you, and most are still on display,here ( Henning alwayes tell me he can`t breathe here in my studio ,for too many things, LOL )
Well I can !!! But almost forgot to, seing all the beauty you added here ,- love the tiny rosa one and every other fantastic piece !!
Hugs to you again and a beautiful evening, sweetie.
Dorthe xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Everything looks simply beautiful, dear Liz.The boxes you created are so lovely. Have a great Sunday.

Karen B. said...

Sweet Liz luv,
your tags are so cute and your treasure, oh my... beautiful and I wish a few of them were mine.

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Wendy Green said...

They are all beautiful items for your shop Liz, great finds! And your beautiful tags are wonderful as always. Wishing you a good week and sending you hugs, xx

Rhonda said...

HECK NO! I may antique shop but we basically stay home that day. I'm not complete sure what is wrong with some people and I don't plan on having a tug of war with anything that isn't antique or French, LOL Now, if they had a Brocante on Black Friday, I'd be there.