Tuesday, 18 June 2013


We are rapidly approaching the end of the alphabet over on the Tag Tuesday blog, can you believe it? We are up to the letter X! My choice for this week's tag was XERXES I, King of Persia ( 519 - 465 BC ). I found a little engraving of Xerxes taking the Jewess Esther for his wife and hand coloured the two main figures. The background is a piece of Old Persian writing called XPa, which is  inscribed in the walls of the Gate of all nations, the main gate to the terrace on which the Persepolis palaces have been built. Because I imagined such a ceremony to be colourful and the clothes to be richly decorated with jewels and metallic threads, I used a couple of tiny pieces from an Indian sari fabric to hint at that -

Tonight's the night, girls! We are off to France for the summer. Wish I could take you with me. Well, in a way I do, of course, because we blog and email and skype. Still, you know..... wish you were there........

Toodlepip xxx


Bente said...

This tag is gorgeous. You are so very talented.

Have a great week

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh how gorgeous Liz! A beautiful Persian princess in pink and you have picked up the jewel like qualities of the pink in her dress.
It matters not really whether you are in France or England when you live as far away as I do, however, on the other hand you are only a few seconds away too!
Travel safe with that case full of goodies for the Craftavan.
I hope you have beautiful weather when you arrive so that you can spend some lovely hours out in your garden.
Sending some Summer hugs,

Sarah said...

Picture perfect and beautifully done!

Mom E. said...

Love your tag....you are probably already on the road. HOpe your crossing was uneventful and your garden grows WELL in France!
We wish we were there with you as well!
Hugs and hearts!

Mom E. said...

And your tag is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors!

Vicki Boster said...

Have a safe trip Liz-- we all look forward to your beautiful photos from your little cottage in France--

Sending hugs--

Ps-- can't believe you made a cute little tag for the letter X!