Saturday, 29 June 2013

French Market

Every town has a market at last once a week. Our nearest town, a small place called Luzy, has a market on a Friday. And I love going to it. We went yesterday, and although it was raining, the market was quite busy. For once I had my little camera in my handbag so I decided to take a few pictures for you.

Womble through the market with me, if you please -

First stop is always our sausage lady, such a friendly soul, and her salamis are delicious -

Opposite it was one of three or four cheese stalls -
I love his noticeboard, child of the 70s perhaps?

Next, the bread man - can you imagine the smell of the breads-

Asparagus, aaahhhh, delicious, very late this year -

Next up, the veggie man with the veg plants for your garden, I had to buy some poirot ( leek ) plantlets yesterday to get them into our potager ( veggie patch ) this weekend -

some of his lovely fruit and veg -

Opposite him is the honey lady. Her husband is the bee keeper and they live in our little community up on the hill. See the acacia honey pots? Some of that honey has probably been produced by bees visiting our acacia trees :-) -

Here she is chatting to the "bird" lady who had a little stall next to her -

Aah, yes, another cheese stall. Cheeses are a very important to the French ( and to me ) so there are hundreds and hundreds of different varieties plus all the cheeses locally produced which never make it into the count -

This is where we buy or fresh, locally produced goats cheese -

And yet another cheese stall, I bought an amazing sheep cheese with chilis here, sh*t hot, but oh so delicious -

And another fruit and veg stall, the smell of the ripe fruit is so mouthwatering -

I really do enjoy going to the market. I love watching the people standing around in groups chatting away ( usually the men, lol, they are such gossips ), love talking with the stall holders and LOVE the fresh produce, so often locally produced.

I hope you enjoyed our little womble through a small town French market.

Toodlepip xxx


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun despite the rain, thanks for sharing. I love markets, but here the bread would be my winner!! Looks scrumptious.

Elizabethd said...

That brought back some nice memories. Sadly there are few markets like that locally.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

French markets are the best and I can so very well imagine how wonderful everything smells. In fact, my mouth is watering and I need something yummy to eat - NOW!
Happy weekend!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz,
I can relate to this wonderful French market from the many vacations there,(long ago) they are so filled to the brim with the freshest fruits and greens- and then all those fantastic tasting cheeses!! Looks like you are having some very yummy meals there, -cosy chats,- and gorgeous feasts for your eyes!!! I am sure you look forward to this every friday!!!
Sends you warm hugs, and goodnight kiss!!

Alexandra Eitel said...

Lecker ... da bekomme ich glatt Hunger!

Mom E. said...

What a nice womble! Our Farmer's Market looked like that a bit. It was great selling our fruit and we loved going for years. That was whete we got fresh things we did not grow. Many of the vendors would trade with us. It was really nice. Our cheese booth only had local and french style cheeses.... Lol ... I am sure the frech markets have much more ambience than ours does!!!! I hope to go to one someday!!!

Fat Dormouse said...

I have become a bit blasé about our market - though we don't have quite the choice you do, it is still a good market that I ought to frequent more (when I'm not teaching)
Have you only picked the photogenic stalls? Do you have "big knickers" stalls as well?
We have a couple of shoe stalls too, and a mercerie stall that comes every three weeks or so.

Catje said...

oh, I'm so envious! I really thought we'd make it to France this summer, but apparantly not. But a few days in Italy will make up for it..but I miss France! Lovely to see your beautiful pictures!