Sunday, 10 March 2013

A little customer love

I count myself really lucky to have some wonderful customers. It always puts a huge smile on my face when I get a lovely email or really nice feedback from a person. So I try and always put a little extra in with the order, even it is only a handmade tag for them to use. Friday and Saturday I had a couple of tag sessions, and here are the results, a bunch of tags ready to go with Etsy orders. Actually, a couple of them have already gone out -


It was a very pleasurable way to spend a few hours here and there.

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Sunday, especially the UK girls, as it is Mothers' Day here in the UK today! And the two sons who live locally are taking us out for a Thai dinner tonight, woohoo! I hope my darling middle son doesn't feel left out, but he doesn't live close by and with a new baby girl  and a 4 year old, they need to have their own Mothers Day celebrations. I love my boys, they are the best. There, a mum is allowed to say that once in a while, lol, even though they would probably be horribly embarrassed if they read this.

Enjoy yourselves, wherever you are, toodlepip xxx


Karen B. said...

Hello dear Liz Luv,
firstly I always love your tags ~ they turn out so pretty!
Secondly ... Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope they spoil you today.
many hugs and much love
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Sophie said...

Wunder-wunderschön, ich liebe alle deine herrlichen Tags.
Sie sind so zauberhaft gearbeitet, so liebevoll gemacht.
Ich bin total entzückt.

Sophie xx

Dorthe said...

Dearest Liz,
OH you have been bussy- my oh my, so many beautiful tags, and so many wonderful layers -I had to click the photoes big :-)
I love them all , you did so much with them- they are gorgeous!
Have a wonderful evening dining out, with your 2 sons and husbond- you deserves to be spoiled!
Hugs and xx

Alexandra Eitel said...

Meine Liebe deine Tags sind wie immer ein Traum!!! So wonderful ...
Schönen Abend dir
l.G. knuddels und hugs

Wendy said...

Hello dear Liz, I love your tags, they're really gorgeous. And I'm so happy with your collage, lucky me!
Give your boys a few years and they think it's cute, lol. Happy mothersday Liz!
Hugs and happy week, Wendy

Bente said...

How beautiful. Love the tags.

Have a nice new week


Mom E. said...

Gorgeous tags, as always my friend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Liz,
hope you had a wonderful Mothersday.Your tags are gorgeous:)
Love them all.