Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A couple of Whites found at the jumble sale

I went to a jumble sale a couple of weeks ago and found just a few little white treasures. And as it is Blissful Whites Wednesday today, I might as well show them to you.

White ironstone big bellied jug, love that shape -

I have a very eclectic collection of open vegetable bowls, which I love to use, and this bowl with its beautiful rose design is a lovely addition to the collection -

I also have a much loved collection of antique jelly moulds so I was delighted to find another one -

This two handled bowl for floral displays is just gorgeous and will look great in the summer filled with white roses -

These French cafe au lait bowls are not from the jumble sale, I bought them in France last summer, but they were kinda hanging around and shouting, me too, me too, me too, so I photographed them as well -

You can find more beautiful Whites over at the TIMEWASHED blog

Happy White Wednesday to you! Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

You had so´me gorgeous finds dear Liz, that jug, and bowl are so beautiful, I would have taken them home with me,too.
And the jelly forms and lovely bowl with handles are such lovely pieces also.
I have collected-(that means bought here in Denmark) some older coffe bowls too, and love them, just like you, -so pretty with the watercolours stripes!
Have the sun shines apon you today,? I hope so, and send you hugs.

Lyn said...

I love those those cafe au lait bowls are beautiful xxx

scott7258 said...

Love all the above --- found this on Blissful Whites party. Thanks. Mary

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Gorgeous finds Liz - beautiful rosy bowl such a pretty addition to the table!
It's so exciting to come across one lovely special piece amidst all the junk!!

Lovely things I saw from you on Suzy's blog!
Shane ♥

harmony and rosie said...

You always find such covetable things! Love these.

Rhonda said...

J'adore your French cafe au lait bowls - I cannot believe I don't have even one!! That must change immediately!! LOL

Lovely post, my friend, very lovely.

Kelly_Deal said...

Gorgeous finds Liz!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful finds,dear Liz. Have a wonderful weekend.

vicki said...

Oh my !! You found treasures!! Love them all- especially the pitcher. Those bowls are gorgeous too!

I'll be sending you a happy little email in the next few days-- be watching for it!


Becs said...

Hi Liz. Love that rose vegetable bowl. It is great. Wish I had one like it. who made it? I came by to thank you for the lovely tag I received from you in Kim's Valentine tag swap. I love it! Sorry it took so long. Becs

Wendy said...

wow, wonderful finds Liz, all of them! The vegetable bowl is gorgeous, I wanna find something like that too!! (I'm not jealous, oh no, I'm always looking this green, lol.)

Enjoy your finds, hugs and jolly good Tuesday!