Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tag Tuesday challenge - Sea birds

Our home in the UK is in beautiful 1066 country, Sussex, not far from the sea at all. Sea gulls everywhere, and although they are lovely to watch when they are in flight over the sea, they are a menace. Incredibly bold, dangerous, greedy, and creators of the biggest mess when they raid rubbish bins etc. But they are part of life by the sea.

For this tag I used part of a photograph I took of beach huts in Bexhill, a piece of driftwood for the post, a cut out of a sea gull on top, holding some seaweed ( strands from a green tassel ), and of course Distress Stickles for the sand. This is a very 3dimensional tag. I hope that you are thoroughly impressed that I am actually posting the tag on the day its due, almost unheard of, lol, but I prepared a couple of tags before I left England for France and took the photos there ;-)

Toodlepip xxx


Catje said...

More impressed with the tag itself than the posting date! That piece of wood and the 3D effect was amazing :)

marigold jam said...

Love it! Although we are 30 miles inland from the sea we have a problem here with gulls too (as well as badgers!)

Dorthe said...

Liz it is wonderful, I love you used the driftwood for the post, and your Seagull looking so naughty,there- like :I own it all !! love your gold glittering sand-
not much of that here, as it is still WET!
A beautiful tag, sweet friend.
(Liz we can`t read your last written lines- or I can`t... it is a total white tect line!)
HUGS, xx- Dorthe

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lizzie, I almost fainted when I saw you posting your tag on the day it was due, lol. It turned out fabulous and I love that is is so three dimensional. The sea gulls can indeed be quite bold. Some years ago one spotted me eating a fish roll at the harbour and a second later the sea gull had snatched the large piece of fish out of the roll that I had held in my hand. That theft went so fast that I didn't have a chance to react. I was a bit angry but it was pretty funny too.
Have a sunny day :-)!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

This tag is beautiful! It so speaks to my love of the sea! Fabulous!

Queenie Believe said...

A very creative tag! Awesome!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

"MOI" Freubel said...

This looks FABULOUS !!!
And also the way you photographed it !! In a beautiful setting and very clear as well !
Such a joy to watch !!
My compliments.