Saturday, 26 November 2011

No crafting!

Isn't that just terrible? I haven't managed to do any crafting at all the last few days. I got quite caught up in the Black Friday thing, and I don't even live in the States! It is quite difficult though not to get caught up in all the hype. I have spent far too much time online looking at lovely lovely goodies for Christmas presents perhaps, or maybe even a little treat for myself. And yes, I succumbed and bought a couple of things. I'll show you when I receive them.

I have also been a bit busy with listing a few more things in the Etsy shop. Why does it all take me so long, lol? I suppose because I tend to spend ages deciding whether I can really bear to let something go. Then the photographing, editing photos, weighing the stuff, listing it, and before I know it hours have passed. Thank goodness there are only two more days of this Sale madness, lol, then I can safely return to doing some Christmas crafting. I do have a looooooooong list of things to make.

This is what I have listed on Etsy today, btw. Might as well show you here, because I have no crafty stuff to show you, sigh.

Now what should I list tomorrow? Anything in particular you would like to see? What can I make myself part with? Perhaps one or two of the gorgeous 1940s Eiderdowns, which are so snuggly on a bed, especially now that winter is setting in. Ah well, I shall think about it in the morning. It is nearly midnight here in the UK, and I am ready for bed, lol.

I wish you all a nice evening/morning wherever you are, toodlepip xxx


suziqu's thread works said...

Yes Liz I know all about how long it takes to put an item on Etsy - I hope it is paying off for you! Love your trims and laces as always but have just enough at this present time but at the rate I use this stuff one can never tell!
I'm looking for a crucifix which is missing from my set of vintage pearl rosary beads - let me know if you have one or come across one??!!
I managed to achieve my goal with my blog today - go and check it out!
Love and hugs sweet woman,

Bohemian said...

What Beautiful Found Treasures! And I'm delighted to have discovered your Beautiful Blog this Evening... I'm positively swooning over your Tag Creations in an earlier Post!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

harmony and rosie said...

Oh I know all about your delicious wares, it's about time you started flogging all that gorgeous stuff you've been tempting us with!
Happy weekend.

Debra said...

Liz, I was looking at some of your older posts- do you plan to put any of the pretty aqua and light blue bottles up on etsy? I checked your shop a couple of days ago(and marked a few things!)and will be looking and coveting a few items today!Debra

Beth Leintz said...

It's crazy how easy it is to get caught up in the Black Friday phenomenon- and how much time it can take. Have fun when you get back to your Christmas crafting!

Rhonda said...

You list such beautiful items, I adore your shop! I only wish I had more room to display my finds!

Karen said...

Well, I just bought one of you lunch pails! I am sooooooo excited!!!! i can't wait to see her face!
I forgot to ask when I sent you the easy message - could you somehow include something that shows it is from France? is there anything at all you could do?
If not - it's OK.