Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Inchies and Tags ( yep, more tags, lol )

The year long inchie challenge is almost at an end, just one month and 4 inchies to go. So far, I have met every challenge, even though quite often I have been somewhat late. Ahem, like with these two inchies.

Last week's challenge was "PRETEND". That wasn't too difficult. Hasn't every little girl at one time or another pretended to be a Princess? I found an image of a sweet smiling little girl and made her a crown with a tiny snippet of a gold paper doily and some bling, and gave her a gold necklace as well -

This week challenge was "AMUSEMENT". Ok, so we are probably not the most grown up of grown ups in our household, but we do like to have fun and at certain times of the year, the whoopee cushion provides oodles of amusement. Sigh. Ok, don't say it, I know.............

This year at the Christmas dinner, we are not going to put whoopee cushions under Nanny and Popeye's chair cushions, we are going to put them under our own, tehehehe, and see what reaction we get from Nanny and Popeye ( who are in their very late 80s btw ). Should be a hoot.

And now that I have completely embarrassed myself by admitting how NOT grown up I am, I had better very quickly get on to the next thing, TAGS. Yep, more tags, lol, but I put that down to the ETSY EFFECT, lol. I like to include a pretty tag with purchases from my Etsy shop. Great excuse for a tagaholic like me to keep making them!

Most of the images I have used you will have seen before, but they are such sweet winter images, I can't stop using them!

this one is not a winter tag, but it was kind of a special request -

I think I have to set a whole day aside for catching up with all your blogs, I have had so little time to read, and I miss catching up with all of you. Perhaps tomorrow I'll lay in a few supplies ( of the food and drink kind, lol ), and settle down to a good read.

Thats all for today, have fun! Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Hi Liz, I think you are a naughty girl, making such fun at christmas eve-tehee....
Also think you makes the most romantic,and sweet tags,I also love those winter images.
And the inchie`s are wonderful,too. I so admire that you have made them all!
Warm hugs,Dorthe

Karen said...

oh oh oh! Is that for MOI? LOVE IT! She will too! And I love that image of the angel with the halo. If you have room, stick a copy of that in there for me too!
A whoopee cushion? You crack me up! We would have such fun touring the English countryside together. I need to save my pennies and make that a reality! And I could see Heather while I am over there. But then of course I'd have to come back while you are in France...TWO TRIPS! Hmmmm. Better make that nickels...
HAGD! Hugs.

Kate said...

Beautiful tags! So vintage and pretty!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Love the wintery ones! Aww, Nanny & Popeye, bless them! :)

suziqu's thread works said...

Well Liz I told you that you have been smitten with "tagmania" and here you are again - just can't help yourself - neither could I if I made as many beautiful ones as you!
Just gorgeous! Think I had better go and buy something from your Etsy shop to win just one more of these sweet little tags.
I love NOT being grown up! I wish I could be a fly on the wall at YOUR
Christmas dinner - sounds like a whole lot of fun and laughter!
Big hugs,

Dolores said...

Nice to know there are people out there who like to have fun. Great inchie.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Liz,
Oh so fun AND beautiful!!! I just made a spoon a few weeks ago, but didn't post it yet...I'm saving it for next week's Pink Saturday...I love art on spoons.

I have a neat project I will post in the next 2 days...EASY!!! You might want to make some..All you need is a frame! I'm making them for my neighbors and they're turning out so cute...they're Advent Calendars, so I'll drop them off on the weekend. xo Cin

Lynn Stevens said...

hahahahahahahah I now have visions of you sitting around the dinner table whopping it up! Toooooo funny!

Your tags are Gorgeous Liz and how generous to include them in your orders. I've been making tags too but instead of Christmas cards this year. There a bit faster!
Hope your enjoying the holidays!
hugs Lynn

Jane C. said...

Hello from Canada. Just discovered your blog this morning and I'd like to say how much I love your tags. They are so beautiful and the combination of holy pictures with lace and medals is lovely. I will be back often to visit. thank you!

Debra said...

Such pretty tags! I can't wait for my package to arrive!!

Anneke said...

such a lovely tags and your inchies are gorgeous.
you have added pretty details and i am a fan of your work

Fabric Art said...

Liz I admire you that you have made so many wonderful inchies, I gave up, it was not me doing something so small, all your tags are wonderful and very beautifully made, have a nice weekend.
Hugs Anni

Xela said...

Wundervoll deine Tags! Falls ich es noch nicht erwähnt habe, deine Tags sind einfach die Schönsten :)

Viola said...

Deine tags sind wirklich ganz zauberhaft, Liz!!