Thursday, 4 August 2011

I am using my craftavan!!!

Hello my dear friends! I am sitting in the garden of my friends' home, using their wireless internet to pop in and say hello again. And...................... to post some pictures of some tags I have made. In my craftavan. You all know how much I love making tags, and how much I love the weekly challenges. I do miss them I wish I could do more. But I have managed to catch up with the weekly tag challenge over at the Blog Challenge Garden!

Here is the first one I missed, the theme was BLACK AND ORANGE -

The week after that, the theme was BUTTERFLY. I had this lovely butterfly brooch in my little supply case, which I used for this -

The next one was the TEN MINUTES TAG, and as I am in France at the mo, I chose to do a Paris themed tag -

No time to post the last tag, this week's FACE tag, it is made, but I need to get off the computer and on my way to an evening vide greniers! Can't risk missing out on some bargains, lol.

Big hugs to you all, toodlepip,

Liz xxx


Ruby said...

That butterfly brooch is gorgeous!!

craftattack said...

Lovely tags! Valerie

donna!ee said...

beautiful tags, excellent color & content, thank you much for sharing! :)

Croap Queen said...

Nice to see you're working hard in your craftvan, lol. Lovely tags.
I sense it's a tad dangerous now sneaking in and out on blogs - keeping an eye on us? When are you back you old bat? I miss you!!
Have a wonderful time
JJ xx

Dorthe said...

Hi Liz , you have been happy creating ,and they look so sweet-love the fairi in black -and the beautiful butterfly tag-and whom don`t love Paris-....
-i´m leaving tomorrow,with Henning for the wedding of my niece,-so we take a mini vacation and stayes away till tuesday- so looking forward to it Liz- when returning home, I will send you a little- ....remember me........ letter lol.
Hugs from me.

Suz said...

Oh, my, Liz,
You do some really beautiful tags. I love the one with the butterfly...of course, I love them all but am partial to jewelers, that being my favorite for of art/craft. You have just done a wonderful job on these.
Enjoying your blog a lot!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

All of your tags are so pretty. I have an obsession with Paris so that has to be my favorite.
Hugs, Jackie

Kim said...

Love them all beautiful! xo

Createology said...

Loving your tags. Enjoy France with your friends.

Janny said...

So beautiful!

Regards Janny

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are GOOD at this!!

Hope all is well over there and that you're enjoying all that French wine and bread and cheese!

Hugs, Diane

bumble button said...

Your craftavan is so cute.A darling place to slip away and create more beautiful tags.

Kasia said...

As usual, lovely tags my dear!


Xela said...

In dein Paristag habe ich mich gleich verliebt. Super klasse geworden meine Liebe.
Dein Urlaubsbastelzimmer ist super!
Ich wünsche dir was.
*knuddel* Alexandra

Mom E. said...

How in the world, Girl, do you make a tag in ten minutes?????/...As you well know...I can't make one in TEN DAYS!!!
I do have the A Idea still roaming around in my head...
we will see how it turns out...I will be making four tags, for each sister it applies to and one for me...I am so sentimental...
Hugs!....Oh, I LOVE this flower fairy he is so sweet!