Sunday, 21 August 2011

Furniture finds in France and two big thank yous!

This is going to be a looooooooooong post, gals, I have to try and make the most of my visit to our friends with the internet, lol.

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to two lovely people, from whom I have received fabulous packages here in France. A little while ago I won a giveaway on Kimberly's blog, and she posted the gorgeous necklace I had won, to our home in France! Look what arrived a few days ago -

and inside the beautifully wrapped package was this -

and inside that gorgeous little bag was this -


The sweet little bag and the gorgeous tag are now hanging in my craftavan -

Thank you so much, Kimberly, the necklace is really beautiful and has already been much admired!

My wonderful friend Dorthe sent me a surprise, and I was thrilled to bits to receive this beautiful collage made by her -

Dorthe, you are the best, thank you so much for my lovely surprise, I love it so much. It is hanging in our living room now here in the cottage.

And now to the furniture! A little while ago we went to a kind of charity shop, Emmaus, in a nearby town and amongst all the horrible rubbish outside, I found a table. It looked pretty grotty, it was covered in very dirty oilcloth and it had abviously been ignored for a very long time, as furniture is usually sold inside and only goes outside when nobody has shown any interest for a long time. I had a close look and realised it was a very old, hand crafted table, it was made with wooden pegs. I couldn't tell what the top would be like under the oilcloth, which I thought had been glued on,but it was a low price so I took a risk and bought it. Oh boy, what a bargain it turned out to be! We realised that the oilcloth was held on with little strips of wood, and once he had removed those, the cloth came off easily. The top was beautiful, stunning really, two wide planks of oak with a narrower one in the middle and the most gorgeously aged colour.
But see for yourself -

It has all sorts of old stuff in the drawer -

This looked like amber, but I have no idea whether it is

and also the old number plate which I showed you the other day -

Here it is in the blue bedroom -

I really love this table, the wood has a wonderful mellow colour, Andy just waxed it. I'd say the table is probably around 150 years okl.

At the evening vide greniers on Thursday, I found a gorgeous old wash stand. It was painted and the white paint had mellowed beautifully to a creamy colour. Of course it was also perfectly distressed already, lol, through many years of use ( and cigarette burns ). I just had to scrub it real hard to get decades of grime off and sand the burns, but it definitely did not need to be painted. Perfect distressing -

While I was scrubbing, Andy was cleaning the inside of the drawer for me. He also sanded the inside and waxed it, so it is beautifully smooth now.

I have put it in the bathroom and Ithink it looks perfect there -

Still with me? Wow. Thanks for persevering. Don't know when I'll be able to get online again, I have some tags to post, and loads of vide greniers finds. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Until then, toodlepip xxx


Floss said...

Oh Liz, lovely gifts and truly wonderful finds! I loved the story and all the layers on your table. If you look closely at the second photo on my post today you'll see a lovely ribbon and 'bow' you sent me a while back. I used it to wrap a swap parcel that went all the way to Australia - I though you'd like to know how blogging goodness just keeps on going!

marigold jam said...

How lucky you are to have received such beautiful goodies and to have found those lovely pieces of furniture which look like something out of a magazine in your home now.

craftattack said...

one word - Wow! Valerie

Liz said...

WOW - 2 amazing pieces of furniture!! What fantastic finds and didn't they scrub up well!!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Liz,-
Such fantastic beautiful finds- --I would have loved taking them home, too- and they both looks as if they have belonged ,alwayes, where you placed them.
Thankyou for showing my little gift, in so wonderful photoes, sweet friend- I loved sending it to your french adress,- as I thought you did not get much mail, while there :)
Glad to see all is well, and that you have a wonderful time.

See you soon,-- Hugs,Dorthe

Elizabethd said...

I've always thought that one could furnish a house from Emmaus! Wonderful table.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What fabulous finds. Adore both but the wash stand is my favourite.We are off to the Braderie de Lille in two weeks so wish me luck that I will find some little treasure to bring home. Just wish I was more fluent in the lingo, my bartering could be very interesting.

rosarod said...

Hello dear, precious treasures we share! always see you is an inspiration! I was unable to blog 'for a while and it always surprises me when I return, with your beautiful treasures, "Greetings, Rose Marie

Juanita Tortilla said...

I loved the tables you've found. What treasures. Now, I just need to buy me a cottage...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh sigh, what great finds, Liz! The table is wonderful and I love that wash stand. It's really perfectly distressed and looks fantastic in your bathroom.
How sweet of our dear Dorthe to send you this beautiful collage and congratulations on winning the pretty necklace, bag and tag from Kimberly!
Hopefully you have some nicer weather than we do here. After one day of sunshine yesterday the skies are gray again.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Liz,
beautiful gifts you received from dear Dorthe and Kimberly. Great finds and I just love the wash stand. It is just perfect for your bathroom!! Have a wonderful time.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of your winnings in my giveaway. The collage from your dear friend is so lovely and I love your tables, they are perfect!
enJOY a lovely week,

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Liz, beautiful gifts. Love the necklace and Dorthe's collage is lovely. Both tables are great I bought and old oak library table that had been painted the most awful bright red, my husband stripped the paint and the oak wood was just beautiful. Can't wait to see your tags and more of your finds. Just love your cottage. Hugs, Jackie

Gaby Bee said...

You received really beautiful gifts and the tables are fantastic! Lucky you!

Have a lovely week!

Xela said...

Hallo meine Liebe, ich sehe du genießt deinen Urlaub :)
Der Tisch ist ja genial und die kleine Komode im Badezimmer wunderschön.
... und die Geschenke hätte ich auch genommen :O Traumhaft schön.
Ich wünsche dir was
liebe Grüße Alexandra

bumble button said...

Oh my! what pretty things you found. I really like seeing the transformation and were you put them. Your creativity is so inspiring.Love Louise

Mom E. said...

Gorgeous stuff Liz!
The table and the washstand and all of it! I just love searching through your posts, it is such a pleasure!

Mom E. said...

Okay, I TOTALLY love where you placed the gift from Dorthe...she does such fabulous work! I adore her dolls, I want one of those as well! I love your stair rail and the bird cages and especially the picture of the lady doing needlework....I do love cross stitch you know!