Thursday, 17 February 2011

One World One Heart 2011 Winners !

Gosh, I am exhausted! Is anybody else suffering from OWOHitis? I have tried my very best to get around to all wonderful bloggers who took part in the OWOH event, but I couldn't quite manage it. I was in France ( without internet access ) for half of the event, and as hard as I tried, I just couldn't do it. Having said that, I found some wonderful blogs which were new to me, and which I will thoroughly enjoy visiting again now that the event of the year is over. It also seems that others found my blog interesting enough to follow and come back to visit..... YOOHOOOO, hello and welcome, I am so pleased you like it here!

I have already seen posts popping up all over the place, announcing the winners of their door prizes, so I thought I had better get a move on as well. That generator thingy on the net is too impersonal for me, so that was out. I thought about writing all the names on pieces of paper like I usually do with my giveaways but 258??? My right hand was already aching from being on the computer for way too many hours, so I dismissed that as well. Lightbulb moment! I decided to ask my DH to give me 5 numbers between 1 and 258, and that worked a treat. He thought it was hilarious that I accosted him , sitting on the scaffolding outside the house, stripping the woodwork, three floors up! I can't even go up a ladder without feeling all wobbly inside, so I approached him from the other side of the window, lol.

Alright, alright, I know I am going on and on, and you really want to know who has won what, don't you? So without further ado, here goes -

The cushion made from a vintage doily goes to - SUZIE from Suziqu's Threadworks

Next -
The vintage French/English ephemera pack goes to - MARIE from Spun by Me

Next -
The blue embellishment pack goes to - SAM from Cornish Contemporaries Flotsam and Jetsum

Next -

The red embellishment pack goes to - THERESA from Faerie Moon Creations

Next -
The neutral embellishment pack goes to REGINA from Southern OOAKS

Well, thats it, I hope you like your little gifts! I am going to email you as soon as I have posted this. Please get in touch with me within the next 2 days as I have to post the goodies within 3 days ( thats Lisa's rule ), otherwise I will have to pick a new winner. I am a very happy blogger, all warm and fuzzy and gooey inside.

Toodlepip xxx


Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a lovely surprise! I know I can put those embellishments to good use. :) Thank you for your generosity! I will email you with my mailing info right away! Theresa

marie said...

Liz - this is a perfectly wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much. You have made my day a happier one!
My address is on it's way!

Hugs to you!

hellerlittle said...

Congrats to the lucky winners !!!!
I told you I´ll be back *smile
CU hellerlittle

harmony and rosie said...

Lucky lucky ladies.

Regina said...

OMGOSH...LIZ!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I'm so muse is already whispering to me..LOL!!

It was such a pleasure to meet you and I plan on getting to know more.


ben... Titbelsoeur... mais sans sa princessôptipoâ ! said...

so sad I didn't win one of your prizes ! but you made people happy !!!
big hugs !

Floss said...

Lucky, lucky them! I found it impossible to visit all the OWOH blogs too, but I've met some lovely new people through the event, all the same.

Sam Bonney said...

Yipee!!!!!!! I cant wait to put my prize to good use, thinking of tags to do right now!
Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

Dorthe said...

Liz dear,
everyone so happy, I would have been ,too-if winning .
Big hug to you,-and goodnight.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh wow what lucky ladies they are. I love those little bundles of goodies you have shared. I'm sure we will see some wonderful creations made from them some day.

suziqu's thread works said...

Sweet Liz Oh what a truely wonderful surprise to be the winner of some of your heartfelt creativity. I am doing a happy dance at present. What an amazing event to meet the likes of artists like yourself. This has been my first time and have loved the whole concept.
I will truely treasure this.
Bear Hugs to you.
P.S. Sending details now!

Suz said...

You gave such beautiful prizes...and even more prizes! I was gone during the first half and didn't get to as many as I wanted. i wonder how long Lisa keeps the list up...I would love to keep visiting!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Liz,
Oh gosh--everyone must be so excited who won!!!
And I have OWOH-itis too!!! My wrist is still hurting from typing 8 hours a day for the first 3 was unreal!!! It made me think we need a chat room to say "hi" to Or skype so we could just much easier!

Sending (((hugs))) your way!

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Lulu, I enjoyed OWOh too, but am glad its over, now I can try and catch up with all my blogger friends! Such a wonderful giveaway you did, Congrats to your winners!
hugs Lynn

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!! Have a wonderful weekend

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Congrats to your lucky winners!

Liz, you are the winner of my OWOH giveaway, I've also emailed you, can you please send me your addy so that I can post your goodies off to you :)

Jan x

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Congratulations to all the happy winners! I'm sure they will enjoy all the wonderful prizes.
Have a lovely weekend, Liz!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Liz, I really, really love your friends tag you created for Tag Tuesday. So vintage-y and such great details with the cut out flowers. Perfect!