Monday, 29 March 2010

What to post about first???

Instead of having nothing to say and show at all, I have too much, lol! I was going to post about yesterday's boot fair, and the rather nice treasures I found. But something much more important has cropped up - my eagerly awaited package from Judy has arrived!

Judy has a blog called Tapestries of Nature , which I much admire. You just have to go and see what she does with crocheted doilies and laces, you'll be amazed! And her pillows, well, they are just exquisite. Anyway, a little while ago, Judy had a giveaway to celebrate her 150th post. It was a wonderful giveaway, and of course I entered. And of course, I didn't win, lol. So I cried my little heart out. In public ( comment, lol ). And this wonderful woman took pity on me and told me she would send me a little something. Boy, did I feel guilty for making such a silly comment! But not quite guilty enough to refuse her gift ( I felt sure she knew by then that I like to joke around ). And today my " little something" arrived. The postman had left the package in the porch in the afternoon without knocking, and my DH found it on his way out. He came back in, grinned at me and asked me whether I was waiting for........ thats as far as he got, lol, I squeeled and just shouted - is it from the US? Woohooo, its from Judy, isn't it? Of course he thought I was completely bonkers. Nothing new there really.

I was in the middle of finishing off some sewing, but I just couldn't wait, I had to unwrap immediately. So the photos are straight foward, no nice arrangements, but then with something as gorgeous as this, it wasn't necessary anyway.

Look, could a confirmed tea drinker get a better gift than this? The most fabulous felted and embellished tea cosy -

Isn't it just utterly charming and brillant? I am sure it will make my cup of tea taste even better!

Judy also sent me a really pretty flower brooch. Have you ever tried to take a photograph of yourself wearing a brooch, lol? I had to take about 20 pics before I got one usable one. Where are all my men when I need them? I think this brooch will look really good on a white t-shirt in the summer -

And these two gorgeous gifts, which were most definitely rather more than " a little something ", were accompanied by this very English tag. It made a chuckle, it was so perfect, the crown for the Queen, the London stamp, so well thought out and beautifully done, on both sides!

Thank you so much, Judy, it was such a pleasure opening your package and such a wonderful surprise. It was a very lovely thing to do. Blogger friends are the best! xxx


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You are right...blogger friends are the best! How sweet of Judy to send these treasures to you.....her work is truly amazing! Lucky you!
Enjoy your goodies!
Take care, Laura

marigold jam said...

Lucky you! I see you have got blogger working now? Must go and have a go at my unfinished post.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

That tea cosy is beautiful! What a dear friend you have!

Dorthe said...

Such a beautifull gift, it is so wonderfull sweet, and you will look great with it dear.
And Liz, I`m so happy with you and all the other friends I have found ,blogging-thanks for being there.
Hugs Dorthe

made with love said...

ooo, love the brooch. Glad blogger is finally working for you.
Rachael xx

Sarah said...

Oh you are so naughty Liz!! How funny, must try that trick sometime. Anyway that is one of the cutest tea cozies I have ever seen. Such a lovely arrangement. You will have better cuppas for sure now.

Rustique Gal said...

What sweet goodies! I've been wishing for a tea cozy. This one might just get me to make my own.

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful gift, I love it.

Quiltnbee said...

Oh! What fun! And I'm glad to see Blogger is working for you again=-)

from another Debby =-)

Helena said...

it's interesting!!!!

Juanita Tortilla said...

That tea cozy! That stole my heart ; it is quite the cutest thing in the world. One more craft item to add to my "must do" list... ok, maybe later in the year, maybe.

Judy's too lovely!

Isobel said...

They are really beatiful, Liz. The brooch is so cheery.

Purple Sparkle said...

Hello! I can't believe I have only just found your blog, I saw your comment on another blog and thought, 'that's a familiar name!' How are you? I hope all is well :-) What a lovely gift you have received! Am now following you so I will be back to visit again soon!
Becky :-) xx





Kissed by an Angel said...

What delightful gifts!

Gerry said...

Hi Liz, Isn't it exciting opening a sweet surprise package? Yes! Hope you are enjoying your holiday in France...Gerry

Kelly said...

Lovely presents! The brooch is gorgeous!