Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Feeling Easter-y

The gorgeous sunshine we had yesterday did put me in the mood for Easter decorations. On a very small scale though. Son No. 1 is moving this weekend so there will be much upheaval in the house over the weekend and probably a lot of time spent at his new place helping him sort out bits and pieces next week. Hence no time for massive Easter projects. But, I have been hankering after some little bird nests and eggs for ages now, ever since seeing them on some of my favourite blogs.

It seems to be just about impossible to get fake or blown quails eggs in this country, arrgghhh, and birds nests? Pfft, no such luck. I would have thought that at least some local shops or garden centres would have Easter decorations of some sort. But again, I drew a complete blank in our town. So whats a girl to do? Well, a girl goes out and buys Cadbury's Mini Eggs and a small bag of hay for rabbits, thats what a girl does, of course.

The idea of tiny little bird nests where you wouldn't normally expect a bird nest, really appealed to me. I had this small, quite ornate candle holder on the shelf right next to my computer and it seemed a good piece to start with. Now, if anybody tells you making birds nest is quick and easy, don't believe it, lolol, the one thing it really IS, is messy. There I was with my bag of hay ( because even with a couple of days' worth of sunshine, things in the garden are still soggy ), and odd bits of green threads and wool, trying to make a nest. Hmmm. Birds are obviously way cleverer than me. How do they get it so lovely and round and with a solid enough bottom so that the eggs don't fall out? Let me tell you, dried grass is evil stuff, lol. It got stuck in my hair, it was kind of woven into my jumper, bits were all over the floor, poking out of my keyboard ....... but with grim determination, a few strong words and a cup of tea I finally made something vaguely resembling birds nests. It sure would be a desperate bird who'd want to move into one of those, lol.

Ah well, its not the prettiest thing I have ever created, but then I am not a clever little birdie. For the time being, I am satisfied with it in the dining room and perhaps if I have a bit of time next week, I'll have another go. I'll have to try and incorporate some twiggy stuff to give it body.
Cadbury Mini Eggs work ok for these tiny nests, but for bigger ones, sigh, I covet quails eggs, the real thing.

Here are the pics of the bird nests candelabra -

I'll keep it on the mantlepiece in the dining room over Easter, I think. It looks quite sweet on there. I wonder how often I will have to refill the nests, lol, I bet those little chocolate eggs will disappear quite regularly.



Floss said...

I was just thinking that I would live with permanently egg-free nests if I attempted to fill mine with CMEs! We can get quite good fake eggs in France - will you be over, or would you like me to see if I can spot some for you and send them over?

karen said...

They look great. I'm laughing about the minni egg's, I bought a packet on sunday to decorate some cake's with. Well I made the cake's today and hmmmmm No egg's... Just an empty packet left in the cupboard lol.
Just a quick tip for you if you do decide to do it again. If you can get your hands on some straw instead of hay. It's much finer and matt's together to form a nest much easier and neater.


Kissed by an Angel said...

They look really lovely!! Realistic too!!! You probably need to buy CME's direct from Cadburys to meet demand though!!

Rebecca said...

Hi LuLu
The nests are lovely and I love them in that candleabra...very clever!
Happy St. Pat's Day!

Will & Theresa said...

Hey Lizzie
Seems such a long time since Boxing Day and we miss you........!! Love the little bird's nest - is it Easter already? Where does the time go??
Just in case you've managed to keep shtum - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Lizzie your nests came out just darling! But the eggs wouldn't last 2 minutes in my house! They are my all time favorite candy and my little one has taken a liking to them too! Did I see someone wish you a Happy Birthday? Are you trying to lay low on that? Well, Happy Birthday! love,Kim

Andi's English Attic said...

They look really sweet.
The eggs wouldn't last five seconds in this house, either. xx

Helsie said...

What it's your BIRTHDAY and you haven't mentioned it?
Happy Birthday!!!
Bet the eggs have already needed to be replaced. It all looks delightful.

Sarah said...

They look adorable!! Really good nest building as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure those eggs will be replaced daily and I know who will be eating most of them...

*Ulrike* said...

Your nests look great, however, I don't see the eggs lasting long here. My hubby was asking the other day if I had anything in my "stash". Nope, all gone!

Gerry said...

Hi Liz, I like your Easter decorations! It is so pretty, you did a great job on the nest, love 'um...Gerry

sissie said...

I love your little bird nests sweet. The eggs wouldn't last long though,because I would eat them right up!

Happy Spring.


Rustique Gal said...

Liz, these are really sweet! You did a better bird's nest than I have in the past. I'd have to have a dish of eggs nearby and tell everyone hands off! Enjoy!

Createology said...

You certainly met your challenge head on and your end result is beautiful. How clever to put nests in the candle cups. Happy creating...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Liz, I just love your idea to put nests onto the candle holder! It looks very pretty!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Juanita Tortilla said...

:) Those Cardbury mini eggs are far more favourable and appealing than fake plastic toy ones... at least, that's in my most humblest opinion.

Well, birds do what birds do best eh :) Marvellous little creatures. Perhaps weaving a hay-nest using 2 fingers (simulating a bird's beak) might do the trick! *LOL*

Anyway, this human bird did a nice job -- how clever to use candle holders!

Dorthe said...

Liz, its so whimsy and wonderfull,and your nests very sweet, love the idea.¨
Hugs from Copenhagen, and Dorthe

Elizabethd said...

Clever you! Echoing Floss, we do have 'fake' Easter things in our garden centres in a big way.

made with love said...

I have bought so many packets of those mini eggs recently. Honest I share them with the children. I give them one or two (heehee).
I wouldn't be able to resist. What a lovely idea. Liz
Rachael XX




Croap Queen said...

Very sweet, madam L. So, that's what you've been up to.
Hmm, wonder how many CMEs disappeared during the making of the nests...although I know for a fact you don't eat many choccies, ahem.
How's the HUGE box of choccies you got for Mother's Day going? All gone yet?

JJ x

Primitive Seasons said...

If you have any Amish folks near you, they sometimes have the eggs for sale in their markets or off the farm.


TinyBear said...

I so hear you - can't find anything like that over here eighter.
Your little bird nests are so cute - great job.
~ Tina

Anonymous said...

very romantic and poetic :)

Barbara Jean said...

This is too too sweet girl!!

What a great idea to use the candlestick for a tri-plex.

Off to see more wonderful posts.
barbara jean

Janee said...

Oh my gosh, that is just adorable! You are so creative!

Florence and Mary said...

I need to sort out all my Easter decorations and make a start on letting the Easter bunny get to work!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea...eggs and nests on a candleabra!


Rebecca said...

Aw, Liz, you come up with the best ideas! The little tiny nests are so sweet.
A few years ago we had a tremendous wind storm. It blew down hundreds of trees. One thing I noticed the next day, while touring around. Birds nests, still in trees, in tact! Marvelous!

Something Special said...

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