Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I do like the postman

Well, perhaps not the postman himself, but the lovely things he brings me. I have been so very lucky lately. Remember the two lovely giveaways I won recently? There was that incredibly detailed collage from the vivacious titbelsoeur, which you can see here. And then the wonderful tags and the kit from Dianne Knott, which you can admire on my post here. And today another package arrived for me. I had won another giveaway from the very generous Carol from the Queenbeealteredneeds blog. I was totally intrigued by her giveaway, because I had never even heard of tintypes before. I won these amazing tiny little photographs on tin, and three teeny weeny little watchmaker's bottles. One of them still has a tiny little part in it.

Just look at these tiny little treasures -

I forgot to take a picture of them with something to compare these tiny things to, so that you could get an idea of their actual size. So I have borrowed the photo from Carol's blog -

I want to use these for something special for the cottage in France, no idea yet what. Or rather, too many ideas, lol. I just haven't decided on one thing yet.

I was going to write about our lovely walk in the Firehills as well, but I am yawning my head off and I think I'll have an early night tonight. I'll post the pics from the Firehills tomorrow.




Dorthe said...

Congratulations, Liz,
they are realy wonderfull, I too have never had something like that in my hand.
Enjoy all your beautifull new things recieved.
Hugs Dorthe

made with love said...

What an unusual and very special prize you have won.
Looking forward to hearing about your lovely walk,
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Well aren't you just the lucky duck lately! Those tintypes are very cool. Oh I love my UPS man, I passed him in town and he stopped me to tell me he had some presents to drop off to me a little later! What does it mean when the UPS man knows you by name? Hmmm, too much shopping maybe, never!

LiLi M. said...

Ooh these faces....it seems to me that even the faces are made with less effort nowadays! XD!
Give away?? Am I still in time lol? I'm off!

Sarah said...

I remember having a necklace when I was little made with a teeny bottle with a cork. The chain was screwed to the cork and inside the bottle were several of those tiny straw flowers. I really loved it.

You are so lucky with winning giveaways at the moment. I hope you haven't entered your own one!

Debby said...

WOW!!! Look at all your beautiful goodies, understandable you would kinda like the mailman...hehehe...

Rustique Gal said...

Wow, you are truly on a roll! I love the tiny tintypes and the sweet little bottles. I have seen and own a few tintypes, but never have seen these miniature ones. Sweet! Enjoy!

rebecca said...

Is that ever interesting. I've always heard of tin types but had no idea what they were. I wonder if they're all that small. Come to think of it some of my family's old, old photos are tiny.
Good for you winning so many giveaways. Maybe it's time to buy a lottery ticket?

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hello, and please forgive me for taking so long to come by for a visit. I'm thrilled to have a friend from the UK. I'm just in love with English Country and cottage style, so I'm excited to read thru your blog. So glad you found your way over to mine! Love seeing all your creative fun!

Floss said...

What a wonderful prize - something really individual, and you are just the woman do do something great with them! Looking forward to hearing about your walk too.

Andi's English Attic said...

Before I grew up and became aware of bills I wanted to be a postie. I saw him back then as a bringer of excitement - apparently, yours still is!
What a lovely giveaway. Those photos are intriguing, not only for their size (wow!), but also, some of the men in the pics don't look wealthy enough to have had their photo taken. Usually it's Sunday best and pocket watches, but some of the photos made me think the photographer was involved in a project of 'social recording' or something, and didn't charge for the sitting.
Lovely post (pun not intended) thanks. xx

Elizabethd said...

What an interesting giveaway, something quite different. I'm sure you'll think of something clever to do with them when you display them in France.

Juanita Tortilla said...

Those are really tiny bits! Who might those men be?

Staying tuned, to see what Lululiz creates next...

Kelly said...

How lovely I look forward to seeing what you do with them! I'm sure it will be wonderful :)

val said...

What a treasure you have! Isn't it intriguing to wonder who they were? What did they do? Did they have hopes and dreams? Would they ever imagine that their photo likeness could be seen all over the world one day!!!
Enjoy and thank you for sharing them so we can enjoy too. :0)

Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Victoria xx

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Liz, No wonder you like your postman ;-). Congratulations on winning those lovely tintypes! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will create with them!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been lucky. I haven't seen a tintype in a long time. I remember seeing them at my Grandmother's but don't seem to be able to find any today. Don't know where they went. I am looking forward to your giveaway. I love that pillow with your mom on it. If I win I will send you a picture, I guess that is how it works.