Sunday, 10 January 2010

It had to happen

We had been quite lucky until a few days ago. Most of the UK seemed to be buried under a blanket of snow, while here we only got a fine sprinkling every now and then. When we got the first "proper" snow here as well, it was so exciting, and we took full advantage of it ( see previous post! ). It might have taken 5 mins and some burnt rubber to get out of the parking spot, but we managed to get out and about. But yesterday, it finally happened - we got snowed in!!! There was absolutely no way we could get the car out of the parking spot, let alone up the hill to get to the main road -

That meant we had a long walk ahead of us to get our granddaughter back to her mummy. And we loved it! We carefully trotted down the sloping path to the road -

It was exciting, slogging through the deep snow, feeling the snow flakes stinging our faces, and getting covered in the white stuff. You know, I have never seen so many happy smiley faces in town as we did yesterday. People were having FUN!

Whilst we were in town, we decided to make the most of it and visit a few estate agents to start the process of finding a flat for DS No.1. In the middle of a blizzard. Great, because we had every estate agent's undivided attention, lol. And crazy as we are, we even made an appointment to view a flat later in the afternoon. Which we did, again in a blizzard. And on foot. It was just such a very pleasant day, very little traffic, so many smiley people having fun in the snow, and then coming home to a lovely warm and cosy family. Bliss.

I spent a little time in the afternoon just admiring the lovely crisp white stuff in the front garden, the way it hugged the bushes, and all those glittering icicles hanging from the vine -

And the dogs? Well, we couldn't take them to the Firehills or the woods, but they had a grand time in the snow in the garden anyway -

No more snow today, and what there is seems to be disappearing now, I can hear steady drip drip drips outside and its getting very slushy. Ah well, lets see what tomorrow will bring.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Beautiful photography !! Lovely dogs too !!!
In answer to your question, the serviettes are from Tesco.

Keep cosy : )

Sharon xx

Kim said...

It is so beautiful! I wish I was there in the snow. Although I don't know what I am saying, as we have lots and lots of snow here.

bekimarie said...

Ooooh you big kid you lol, bet your GD loved it. I know my little man did, although he's not so keen on the slippery ice.
Gorgeous photos but I especially love the icicle ones. Having young children I seem to spend time taking photos of them and not my surroundings.

Take care
Beki xxx

p.s i've done an update on the string blocks especially for you xxx

Serenata said...

Lovely icicles as well! Isn't it wonderful when you see so many happy faces around and all the people walking. Looks like the dogs have been enjoying themselves.

If anyone else in our house had attempted the phone repair there would have been bits everywhere as well!

Michela said...

..It's funny to read your point of view on to the white stuff the news said you're having lots of troubles with the snow! Instead you're so happy!
Love the pictures of your dogs!

made with love said...

I love those icicles. They keep cropping up under cars and windowsills. My kids are amazed by them.
Keep warm
Rachael XX

Sarah said...

Well maybe you should be grateful it's melting after reading Jo's post. I guess the novelty has really worn off for her! Goodness it's really been a white winter for England. Your car is hardly visible at all under the thick snow. So funny! Have fun while it lasts and keep smiling.

Lyn said...

the dogs do look like they are having fun!




Helsie said...

Glad you enjoyed your day. I know that all that snow makes life difficult for everybody but it really is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing all that beauty with us

Elizabethd said...

That is quite a snowfall! Ours is receding a bit now, and the roads are slushy and grey.

Sadie said...

I do love your blog. It's always so refreshing, honesty and full of happiness. :O) What fab snow piccies. We still have snow, and even though today has felt a bit warmer, with the snow underfoot melting a bit, it's still been trying to snow again. More sleety slushy rainy snow, than previously.

Love all your wool. I wonder what you'll make with it all.

Have a lovely week. May you continue to enjoy your snow! xx