Thursday, 14 January 2010

Crochet and Cricket

Well, I'll happily talk about the crocheting bit, but definitely not about the cricket, grrr. I was looking forward to the 4th Test match. I was looking forward to spending the day crocheting whilst watching cricket. Of course nothing went to plan, that would make life too easy, wouldn't it?

I have never seen a worse start ( from our point of view, SA was extremely happy of course ). To lose the first wicket on the very first ball is just so cruel. Sigh, I can't talk about it, its too painful, lets just say we lost wickets at a rather rapid pace. Then we realised that we had forgotten about an appointment, which took an 1 1/2 hours out of my crochet and cricket viewing time. Then I spent ages on the phone with the estate agent through which our DS No.1 is hopefully buying his first flat. Stressful, this buying lark, I had almost forgotten about that.

I have no idea what else kept me from crocheting more, but in the end, I only managed 4 1/2 granny squares today, isn't that pathetic? I love love love crocheting with this beautiful yarn, the Manos del Uruguay silk blend. It really is wonderful to work with. You remember from a couple of posts ago, don't you, the lovely purply yarns I bought in the sale?

Dang, why are purples so difficult to photgraph?

I had to take the photos of the squares with flash this evening, and thats even worse. Still, at least it will show you that I have done something, not very much, lol, but a teeny weeny bit. Hopefully, tomorrow I won't have too many interruptions/cricket disappointments and can get on with the crocheting properly.

Short post today. Gotta watch Silent Witness and crochet a bit more.

Night night xx


Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

Hey hun!
Beautiful colours there, that Blanket will be gorgeous!!!
Good luck to your Son for his first purchase!! Home buying has to be top on the list of stressful experiences for me!!!!
Cant really comment on the Cricket..because I JUST dont understand it, even when my hubby tries to explain it all to me!!!...well at least I understand the offside rule in football I suppose!!! Pop over for the giveaway hun when you can xxxx
Annie x

Sarah said...

Life can be so annoying sometimes dear Lizzie. I have days like that. I think I'm going to get so much done and end up with nothing. Still what you did crochet is looking rather fab. I bet than yarn just slips through your fingers. And what are you making anyway?

Kate said...

Oh dear, when it comes to cricket I have absolutely no clue, it's like you're talking a foreign language. Ah, but when it comes to crochet, I'm back with you and your squares are just gorgeous. Beautiful colours, even with the flash!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm still to master the art of crochet (syill on the to 'do list'),so am very envious of these little beauties. They are such pretty colours. xx

Floss said...

That wonderful wool is producing fantastic squares. Sorry - skipped the cricket bit - as an uninterested Brit I've become cricket-blind. It could be going on all around me and I still wouldn't notice it.

made with love said...

Now they look very clever. Circles in squares. I am very impressed. I have completed my very first square. Using "that" magazine!!
I am inspired.
Have a lovely weekend
Rachael XX

The Garden Bell said...

Just found my way here via AU... It's been a long journey, but I'm loving all. Did you dye your own yarn here. I love to dye mine. This looks yummie and what a great color combo.

Having a peak around and will sign up to follow.

Stop by my garden when you have a chance.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Sadie said...

well as someone who can't crochet - or knit - I am impressed with how much you have done :O)

have a lovely weekend x

MarmaladeRose said...

Shame about your cricket, can't see the attraction myself. Lol.
Thankyou for the lavender info.
Keep up the good work with the crochet.

Wipso said...

Hi, I have found you via MarmaladeRose. I am one of the 20 Minuters and am really enjoying being linked with a group of such talents. We all seem to do so many different crafts. I really love the colours you are using and can't wait to see the finished item :-)
A x

Andi's English Attic said...

Gorgeous colours. I'll be happy to achieve one granny square when my copy of the crochet mag arrives. 'Fraid I'm not a cricket fan. Husband has just become a member of Lords. Between that and golf I don't anticipate seeing a lot of him this summer. xx

Croap Queen said...

Looking good L. I bet it's a pleasure to work with.

JJ x

Tallis said...

Lovely crochet there hun and the colours do work well together. I do a lot of my crochet in front of the TV :)

Out of curiousity how are you joining your work? I ask, because a lot of people don't realize that they can crochet their work together as they make up their squares.

I apologize if you all ready know this.

Nice to see you in the 20 minuters