Friday, 8 January 2010

Frolicking in the snow

Our granddaughter Paige was spending the day with us today, so we decided to take her and the doggies to the Firehills for a bit of fun in the snow. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the photos, lolol, but they were having sooooo much fun, I just kept clicking away. And then of course I couldn't decide which ones to delete so I ended up with a biiiiiiiig bunch of them on here. Ooops. Perhaps if you flick through really quickly, then looking at them won't seem quite so daunting a task, lol. Or you can ignore them completely, of course ;-). But as the blog is a kind of record of our days for me, I want them all on here!

These French shopping bags ( 1 Euro ) are indestructible and work rather well on snow -
The dogs thought it was great fun knocking DS off the bag -

Poppy meeting a friend

The dogs went completely loopy in the snow, chasing each other -

This is Bowser, their bestest friend, whom we have known since he was a little pup many years ago and living next door to us -

Not sure whether Poppy is trying to rescue Paige or delighting in knocking her off the bag -

Hector flying over the snow -

Doggie convention -

Nick found what looked like half a huge plastic container, which was excellent for sliding down the hills -
Poppygirl -

My gorgeous handsome Hector -

DS pretending to be 10 again -

And this is DH pretending to be 10 again. He is rather good at that, and not just in the snow -

Anybody who doesn't know Ridgebacks would think they are having a seriously scary, vivious fight here........ nope, thats how they play, lol, they love their boxing games and chewing each others' faces off. Somehow they never hurt each other -

My gorgeous Poppy girl -

If you have made it this far down, you are a STAR!!!!



Floss said...

Lululiz in Lapland!

Kate said...

Very inventive with the sledge I must say; will certainly bear that in mind. I took an Ikea tray to the Common the other day but sadly it didn't work - it collected lots of ice though!

Serenata said...

Wonderful photos! The snow and dogs does encourage one to take lots doesn't it?

Sarah said...

They are sooo cute! What a great excuse to act like a kid again. I hope you put the camera down occasionally to have a bit of fun too! It's such a treat for the kids isn't it? Have more fun while you can.

Kate said...

WOW that was a lot of photos all lovely though, I do want the snow to go away now though I'm fed up of slipping everywhere.
Have a great weekend

Kelly said...

Oh everytime I see your Poppy and Hector I want to come steal them from you! They are sooo beautiful!
Looks like you had lots of fun together, Paige is a cutie!

Country Nanny said...

I think there's always something peaceful an magical about snow! Here in Pisa it's raining and raining and raining... :(

Croap Queen said...

Looks like fun L. I haven't ventured outside for over a week now so well done on being brave and attempting it!

Elizabethd said...

Loved your photos! What fun you all had.

Andi's English Attic said...

What wonderful photos. So clear and bright. Great memories of a very happy day. The pics of the dogs playing are fantastic. Esp the one with them both flying at each other in mid-air. xx

Pomona said...

I think the photos are fun - and you are obviously far too mature to slide down hills on plastic bags (just like me)!

Pomona x

juanitatortilla said...

You wouldn't believe the imaginative soundbytes I have in my head just by looking at these pictures! (In fact, those dogs were discussing the weather, and the games and shows to put up for the camera woman, and when they are next going to meet up.)

Looks like great fun!