Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Fab time at the two-day market and SWAP UPDATE!

I know, I know, I should have posted about this last week, but somehow I only seemed to have had a few mins here and there to quickly check some of my favourite blogs and leave a comment. I really had the best intentions, but......... usual story, lol. And because I am somewhat pressed for time, I am going to copy the post from my soap blog. I don't think it matters much, as most of you lovely readers are not soapers and don't know about that blog anyway.

I really didn't know what to expect of this two-day market. I hadn't done a market before, and I hadn't even known about this one until this year. Boy, did I get a pleasant surprise! The market stalls were all set up for the traders, proper traders licences were handed out first thing Saturday morning and displayed prominently, and then we could arrange our goods. I had enough space at the sides of the market stall to put tables up, and I had brought some of my antique French linens and other vintage bits and pieces with me on the off chance. So, on one side of the stall I hung some really pretty French 19th C tops, nighties and..... yep, bloomers, along with a display of vintage French and German linen towels, some laces and buttons, and on the other side of the stall I had a quirky mix off all sorts of vintage stuff.

It worked out brilliantly. The market was so well attended, there was a constant flow of customers. I got to chat with lots of ladies about the wonderful linens I had with me ( I get very enthusiastic about these things ) while my son was doing his bit selling the soaps ( and getting very good at explaining about them as well ). And quite amazingly, I had people queuing up quite frequently when my DS toddled off and I was on my own. It was by far the best event I have had so far, and despite a very wet start on Sunday morning, it turned out as good as Saturday. Everything sold really well, sold out of quite a few soaps and skincare products again, Lavender soap being the first to go of course. French antique nighties, buttons and tins, as well as vintage bits and pieces from 1950s cocktail fork sets to 1960s art glass soap dishes and snakeskin wallets, all sold so well.

Not much in the way of photos, we didn't get the chance really. But here are a few -

Almost forgot, these were the new soapies I took with me for the first time, they were very well received -

I have a couple of very busy weeks ahead of me, making more stock and getting gift packs ready for the upcoming Xmas fairs, but I am quite looking forward to it all.

Right, now to the all important Rainbow Swap. I have heard from a few people that they have almost completed their swapsicles, hurrah. So it won't be too long before some packages will be winging their way to the recipients. I have had soooo much fun finding things for my swap partner, and I know from other people as well that they had a great time, despite sometimes agonising over choices. I trust that you have all been in touch with your swap partners by now. If anybody has not yet made contact, please get in touch with me, and I will try and sort something out.

Liz xxx


Floss said...

Adorable photos, Liz! I'm really busy too - don;t worry about it.

I've got all the 'ingredients' for my rainbow swap, but need to do some putting together! It's been a lot of fun so far...

Hippy at Heart said...

The new soaps look gorgeous Liz. The labels are fab. well done Nick.

Sarah said...

Your stand looks wonderful! I would love to see some photos of your nighties, the ones you sell, not what's under your pillow mind you. I'm thinking I would like to make one or two for myself. Could you possibly do that when you aren't too busy lovey. I would appreciate it.

And as you know my swap parcel is off to the lovely Jo as we speak. Very much doubt it will arrive in time before she departs, but you never know with the post. Actually, I just hope it arrives. Anyway I hope you enjoy all your soap making, they are looking very nice.

Michela said...

Your stall looks so charming...and very scented I bet! ...on the swap side..I'm doing my task, but it's really hard to find green and orange bits!

Faded Splendour said...

Love the packaging on the new soaps, did you sell it all? Looked in your shop but couldn't find it listed.

Lululiz said...

No, didn't sell all of the new ones, Faded Splendour, but the website is a bit of a sore point with me. Can't get my son to get on with it, grrr. Normally I would be able to do it myself, but the website wizard which came with it is soooooo unreliable and takes forever and I just lose the will to live when I try and update it myself. Changing it very soon though.

Croap Queen said...

All looks lovely as always Lizzie. Why didn't you show me those new soapies the other day madam? Kept those quiet didn't you! Hmph, and I showed you my minty lavender one. Double hmph.

Swapsie - I'm pretty much done now and it's been fun looking for red things for the lovely Sarah who's my partner. Bet you when I've finished I'll see red stuff everywhere that would have been great for the swap lol.

Florence and Mary said...

Don't those soaps look pretty! Perfect Christmas gifts.

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

They look great, so pretty!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxxxx

Mom E. said...

It is fun to see my bed jacket in a picture with you! LOL. I am hoping to lose enough weight to actually wear them! They are so beautiful!
I should post about them!
what an idea! ; )