Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Crochet, crafts and comfy dogs

I was just looking through our holiday photos again, and I noticed that quite a few shots of crochety bits had crept in. Hmmm. Remember the granny square blanket, which took me two years to complete? And the zigzaggy cushion I made with the left over wools? Well, those two now live happily in our cottage in France and the dogs instantly claimed both for themselves! I couldn't keep them away, they just loved snuggling down with the lanky and the cushion -



Hector again

Poppy again, she loves burrowing under cushions and lankies, covering herself up

Mind you, its not just that blanket and not just that cushion. I started crocheting a very straight forward easy stripey lanky. I wanted something bright and cheerful, loud and in your face, for the garden, really summery. I had taken a whole lot of yarns with me, and I just picked them out of the box without looking for a totally random placement of the colours. Could I keep the dogs off my work in progress? Of course not -

Poppy telling everybody this is going to be HERS, so hands off

And Hector guarding HIS lanky while I was working on it in the garden

Sigh, these doggies are very good at finding the most comfortable things and claiming them.

This was my comfy outdoor spot, where I did some of the crocheting.The little blanket came from a bootsale a few years ago. I do love the colours and the starry pattern -

I started using it as a cover for my little table after a while,

well, after I found this at a charity shop and used it on that chair instead of the lanky. It was a very comfy cushion............

so of course I lost that comfy spot pretty quickly as well -

Oh, and while I am talking about the cushion from the charity shop, here are a couple of crocheted bits which I am going to make into cushions, from the same charity shop -

There you go, thats the crochet and comfy dogs bits done, now for the crafty bits. I had the best intentions of making all sorts of things while I was out there, but of course there was never enough time, hmmm, don't ask me why not, I really have no idea, but somehow there was always someone to visit, or we had visitors, or we were out shopping, or doing stuff in the garden or the house......

I managed to finish one felted flower corsage and one lot of felted beads. Many months ago I obviously had a completely mad moment and had put a fluffety thick cardigan in the wash, with disastrous results. It came out Barbie doll size and very well felted, lol. Of course I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, I knew there was something I would eventually do with it. I had vague ideas of making a felted cushion, I seem to recall. Anyway, before the hols I came across it again, and thought " flower corsage, yay", cut it up and took the bits with me to France. Along with a few beads and embroidery threads etc etc. It was really nice sitting under the trees and messing around with it, and I am quite pleased with the result. The flower is big and bold, and I love the colours-

Felted beads, hmmm. I loved the idea of felted beads and a very lovely and generous friend of mine, Ruth, had sent me some beautiful wool tops to mess around with. Gorgeously soft and almost too beautiful to use for felt beads really, but I was determined to give it a go. I had read an article on how to make felt beads in a beading magazine, but of course I had forgotten to take it with me, silly girl that I am. I remembered hot soapy water and lots of rolling around between your hands. I tell ya, I had the cleanest hands in the whole of France after making the beads for this necklace! Felted beads are not as easy to make as you might imagine. There was a certain amount of bad language flying around, because I couldn't get rid of little, well, sort of fissures, in the beads, grrrr. Still, for a first attempt they didn't turn out too bad, but I do need a lot more practice -

Thats quite enough for one post, methinks. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pics from our little piece of heaven in France. Toodlepip xx


Anonymous said...

Wow and wow again!! I'm absolutely speechless !!!
How many gorgeous crochet beauties you've got!!!
I love all of them...

juanitatortilla said...

Those dogs sure have a good life and know a good thing when they see one!
Hmm. Felted beads huh. I have a bag of Fluffy's hair I've been collecting. Been meaning to felt (my first time) over Summer, to take advantage of the heat, but alas, Procrastination got the better. Maybe next summer?

The felt corsage is great with those embellishments! What a great way to remember a relaxing time in France huh.

Croap Queen said...

OK, I am officially now not talking to you ever again you sneaky madam :-(
You kept that felted corsage very quiet - how mean of you (and of course, being you it's gorgeous). Hmph. In fact, I may have to 'phone you and hmph out loud.

PS Lovely stuff by the way lol

Liz said...

Glad my dog isn't the only one who loves knitted and crocheted blankets!!!

Amy said...

I love the necklace! I saw a tutorial on felted beads the other day and I would love to try but I don't happen to have any wool like that on hand. Maybe sometime! It's very pretty.
I am glad you are back! I've missed your comments :)

Sarah said...

Ok that's it, in my next life I'm coming back as a dog! Your dog. What pampered pooches those two are!! I mean a pillow as well, whatever next?

And how come I never find crochet goodies to buy? Oh yes that's right, you've bought them all! Well anyway have a jolly crochety evening. Oh yes, I must say, those felt beads are just so perfectly georgous as is the corsage. Clever, clever you!

Florence and Mary said...

Your crochet is so colourful.

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

I love your crochet blankets its no wonder the dogs want to keep them for themselves, they look so cozy!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Lenet said...

Wauw love the colors of your grannies..