Thursday, 10 September 2009

Are you getting excited yet?

What about? WHAT ABOUT??? The swap, of course, look, loooooooooook ------->, there, in the sidebar! I know, there isn't any info yet, but I am working on it, honestly, and I just want to make sure that lots of you readers know about it in good time, so that you don't have an excuse for not joining in. I'll be giving you all the info in a proper post within the next few days.

Now back to France again ( I wish, lol ). In my last post I said I would post a few more pics of our stay in the cottage. So here goes. I have been asked so often what I do with all the stuff I buy at bootfairs, so I thought I'd show you a few pics of where some of my recent bootfair finds have ended up. You'll probably recognise them from previous posts.

Here is the little yellow and white flower jug, which I thought I might use in the yellow bedroom, but which ended up on the table downstairs, filled with wildflowers -

Then there was that lovely old enamelled milk jug thingy, which now lives on the window sill in the kitchen part of the cottage. The first week it was filled with wildflowers as well, then I came across this gorgeous bunch of flowers in the market -

Oh yes, that tiny little glass milk jug, remember that one? It ended up on the window sill of the littlest window, outside, and it looked so sweet there. You know, wombling down the country lane with the doggies by my side, the cows mooing, the birds twittering away, picking a few flowers is just heavenly. I dont have many plants growing in the garden, because we are not there all the time to look after them, just a couple of roses, and I nipped off one bloom because it was just so perfect -

And then there are the copper bits and pieces, which I adore. I love the warm rich glow of polished copper, it makes me feel all snuggly, especially when firelight or candlelight reflects of the surfaces. Recognise any of them? I did spend quite a while cleaning decades worth of grime off them, so you might not, lol.

I love this big old copper jug, its battered and bashed, but it is a lovely shape-

That gorgeous big copper hanging bowl, remember it?, is now, well... hanging-

And I used this little burner many a time with some lovely fragrances-

Dang, I just noticed that I didn't take any photos of those pretty pretty old copper kettles, how silly of me. Ah well, I'll have to remember do that when we next go.

And I almost forgot about my rosy teapots, the teeny weeny little dinky one, and my proper big one, here they are rubbing shoulders with some other bits of rosy china-

Tomorrow I might post some pics of some more vide greniers finds. Anyone wants to see them?

Before I toddle off, I had better remind you all to enter Sarah's fabulous giveaway. Click on the button in the sidebar to find out all about it. She has put together some very pretty New Zealand goodies, and I would so love to win

Until tomorrow then, cheerio xx


Sarah said...

Aw thanks for the plug Liz! Looking forward to my email soon. Her problems seems to be food related so not sure if you can fix something like that with a skin treatment? I wouldn't know but am always open to suggestions.

Love those coppers you have displayed so nicely. And the flowers too.

Sarah said...

You crazy girl! There are plenty of ticks next to your name. Anyway there is still a few hours to go, it's only 7.15pm over here. It's getting to that lovely time when all the girls are asleep!! They are all in bed reading or sleeping now. Lovely! Off for a cup of tea.

Elizabethd said...

Lovely photos. You certainly found some good things in France!