Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The most beautiful week, day 2, Sunday

Sunday started, as every day started during that week, with piles of breakfast pastries from our much loved Epicerie in our little village, baked by the proprietor, Gilles. After breakfast, the girls and I decided to pick our sweet little cherry tomatoes to go with lunch -

Somehow, although we picked many, we ended up with only a few for the lunch table ;-). Most went straight into their mouths, I guess 

We like picnic style lunches, with cold meats, salamis, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, French bread of course, and lots of different cheeses -

To work off some of the calories, Stefan had a little play session with Poppy. We usually keep the dogs behind a gate when the children are around, as Hector can be a little unpredictable and Poppy a bit too excitable, and safety has to come first.

The girls had taken a shine to our bathroom, especially the sunken bath ( which we dislike intensely but can't replace yet ), and we found Grace sitting or laying in it on numerous occasions. So, to make her more comfortable, I gave her a pillow and a blanket. Happy Girl! -

And then the boys decided to seriously exercise - BALL GAMES!!!  Two small juggling balls, three grown men being little boys again, a very slopey garden and French sunshine all made for much hilarity. First, the rules ( or non-existence of rules ) were discussed -

throwing techniques were practised -

and then a fairly tame game commenced -

entertaining the spectators -

It didn't stay all that tame though, lol, and for some it just was too much, tehehe -

But of course kids don't stay with anything for very long, so after Emily had taken over the spectator's chair for a little while, 

we wombled off to see the cows in the field next door -

Hey, the girls said, the cow is posing for us, we should pose as well-

Back in the garden proper, there was a new twist to the game, girl power was now on show!-

and the game had progressed, or perhaps regressed,lol, to throwing under leg. Four people, two balls, and it seemed way too many legs :-) -

By the end of that game, we were all falling about laughing and more than ready for a big home cooked meal.

Love the family and the fun we had together!

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Dearest Liz,
Your boys shine from being together , surely remembering many things from their childhood, and having fun playing together again :-)
What a wonderful family get together, in your beautiful spot. The dear kids are all smiles, and happy,- being with you, also able to live a life different from home. They are little charmers all 3, and your DIL looks so lovely and sweet.
Are they still with you, or have they all left for UK again ? I can feel in my own heart how much you miss them after such a visit, -a house full with loved ones, and then suddenly one is "allone " again !!
Lis I`m so happy for you, and your husbond , you had this chance to have them all visiting ,together .
Sending you hugs and wishes of a lovely rest of the week.
Dorthe, xx

Lesley UK said...

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time together. Family is so precious. Thank you again for the wonderful lace etc you sent me (I hope you got my e-mail) As soon as I've finished all my hospital tests I'm longing to get started on a new object. Your giveaway has certainly inspired me. thank you again. Blessings

Marrianna said...

Your boys and girls are delightful. Love all the photos and can almost laugh along with everyone as they try to juggle. Such fun for everyone.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing the fun summer events with your family. Adorable little girls and good looking parents. Wonderful memories to treasure. Time just flies by when they visit, but a much needed rest when they leave! Have a wonderful weekend.

Rhonda said...

Oh, how wonderful. Your family is adorable. Just love those little girls.

Betsy said...

Love all the pictures! It makes me wish I had taken more of our family month...I was so busy having fun, I didn't take pictures!