Monday, 27 July 2015

The Invasion has begun!

We finally got a little bit of rain yesterday and overnight, not enough to soak the ground, but enough to perk up the veggies a little. And of course, as soon as there was moisture on the (burnt) grass and the veggies, the invasion begun -

Yep, great big fat snails, the ones the French are so famous for! They come out from under the hedges and bushes, or in our case, the blackberry thicket, and head straight for our veggie patch. How the heck do they know where the good stuff is? Do they see it, do they smell it? I have no idea, but they sure find the straightest line directly to my veggies. My DH collected dozens of them, to be released somewhere far far away from our garden, lol.

These are some of the things the little devils were after -

the butternut squash plants -

the cucumber plants -

the sweet dumpling squashes -

fortunately the beans have grown so tall now that the new flowers and little beans are quite safe -

This is what I picked this morning, while the veggies were still perky from the rain -

Patisson, Sweet Dumpling, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes and chili peppers.

And now for something completely different!

I must show you the fabulous ATCs I received in the recent Postage People swap I took part in -

And here are my ATCs for Kimberly's August ATC swap with the theme DRESS UP -

Until the next time, toodlepip xxx


Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

That's a lot of snails and quite a pest. I find them cute and I like to collect the shells but no one likes to have the veggies or flowers eaten up by them. It's sweet of you to collect them and set them free far away. All the killing methods for snails sound pretty cruel to me. Your veggies look delicious!
You had such a fun postage people swap. I loved all the ATCs you made and you received some wonderful ones in return. Your Dress Up ATCs are very sweet. What a lovely idea to add those wardrobe bags.
Have a great day and hopefully not too many snails visiting.

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz, that looks awful with all those snails, here we have the ones without houses, that even birds do not eat ....and Henning killed 650 this morning ,all on their way to our vegetables, too. It is impossible to collect and set them free again, and they are a pest here, 10 cm long brown ugly and not tasty for any other livings !!
I`m happy you found yours before they could eat from all the delicious greens you have in your garden, they looks so beautiful all.
Your wonders of swap pieces to Kim, are so adorable, and you did so much , they would be on my wishlist, as yes I desited to swap with you all , also :-)
I also find the ones you recieved last time, wonderful and so special, whom created the last one in the row ?
I`m so glad youi are on fb with us, you will find a lot of friends, you already know, when you first have had time to "install" you for real.
Loving hugs, dearest Liz, and a KISS.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

You are a bubbly blogger...makes my day every time I visit. Loving the garden and the cutest little snails. It seems here too not to many creatures are really welcome in our gardens. I love to eat anything that grows in a garden.
Here it is all my hubby's adventure. I'll clean it, cook it and eat but won't plant, weed or water it.
I have been watching the Postage Stamp creations. These are something I truly have enjoyed also. Got in on it too late to play I thought. Just some adorable designs.
Then there are your ATC's ....just a great idea and it truly will be "Endless Amusement" for someone to receive one of these. I've a paper doll Pinterst board and haven't had much time to post new items to any of my boards..Summer is just busy this year. Have a lovely weekend.

alice k. said...

These paper doll atc's are so cute1 Makes me rethink mine... I picked somewhat more womanly approach, portraying a certain, outdated, undergarment.... Now what do you think? On theme? or not?
I received one of your grunge guys in the latest swap - gorgeous!