Thursday, 30 July 2015


Yep, it has finally happened. After years of me ( and many others ) nagging her, Suzy of Suziqu's Threadworks has at long last produced an online class teaching how to create her stunning, exquisite fabric lace books. I am so happy, now I  can dust off my box of fabrics, laces and trims for the long planned mermaid journal, yay! Can you tell I am just a wee bit excited?

All the information you need on how to join this online course are in Suzy's post HERE, or go HERE for the direct link to the class, which is hosted on Gail Schmidt's Creative Workshops site.

Why oh why do I have to wait until September, lol. I so want to start straight away. Patience really isn't my biggest virtue.

Anyhoo, just wanted to tell you all about this class, and I'll leave you with a couple of photographs of the class journal, swooooooon -

I hope you are going to join me in the classroom! Toodlepip xxx


Curtains in My Tree said...

How wonderful
I have one of her pieces and love it

Dorthe said...

I hope I can join too, after hearing about my dentist work !!!!
Suzy`s books are stunning and ,also just to see her and hear her voice ( don`t tell me ...I know !!! LOL;LOL ) will be good.
I love this one she is teasing with and every other amazing book she created !!
Big hugs to you dearest !!
Dorthe ,xx

peggy gatto said...

Just lovely!

Regina said...

Oh my...what a lovely lace journal indeed. Very excited to see what yours will be. I know your love of lace and can only imagine all the beauties you have on hand. Especially love it's going to be a mermaid journal.

Might just have to check into this myself.



Marci said...

The photos of the book are gorgeous.