Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Veggie Patch Post for Mum and Dad

When talking to his parents on the phone this afternoon, my DH mentioned all the things we are growing in our little veggie patch and Mum was so keen to hear all about it. They don't use a computer, but we thought if we take pics of the veggie patch, DH's brother could show Mum and Dad this blog post on his phone on his next visit. So I took lots of photos and this post is especially for Mum and Dad ( but you can all look as well, of course ;-) ) -

Veggie patch 1 

a few different varieties of tomatoes -

Climbing beans -

Red brussels sprouts, red onions, rainbow beetroot -

Cavolo Nero and yellow courgettes -

There are also some soft fruit bushes behind this veggie patch, raspberries and blackcurrants -

On to vegetable patch No. 2 -

Rainbow Swiss chard -

Peas, which we love eating raw straight from the pod -

And different kinds of courgette type things, something called sweet summer dumpling, normal courgette, butternut squash and of course patisson, the very tasty white spaceships :-) -

and cucumbers, they are so lovely in salads -

We have grapes growing behind this veggie patch -

The last little veggie patch is a new one, and it is in the top field. We planted different kinds of potatoes and some sweetcorn for corn on the cob -

The potatoes have started flowering -

and the sweetcorn is doing well -

And we have started harvesting some things already, sooo delicious! -

And while I am doing this blog post, what are my darlings doing? This -

I wish we could show you all this in person, mum and dad!


Oh, I needed to add a couple of things, because today we picked some of the baby rainbow beetroot and the first potatoes! I love the rainbow beets, they are so pretty, and we bake them in the oven with herbs, garlic cloves, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Totally delicious. And as a bonus, the leaves of the beetroot plants can be cooked just like spinach and taste soooo good. I cook them quickly, let them drain for a while, and then chop them finely and just heat them through again with a little sea salt, freshly ground pepper, a little nugmeg and cream. Our first potatoes, yummmm, almost straight from the ground onto the plate, lol ( I do wash and cook them, lol ). We planted our 'early' potatoes rather late, so they are only starting to get ready for harvesting now.



Judys Fabrications said...

I love seeing vegetable patches!So earthy and comfy as well as Healthy! In our climate we can grow most things too. My patch is sadly neglected this year.Maybe this Summer!
Thanks for showing your purchases last week.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Such a lovely variety. Do you can or freeze these items? We have most of these items in the states also. Our beats resemble your red sprouts and chard. Some of my favorites. I've a tender spot for your two dogs, I've missed my Brittany Spaniel "Dakota" but at our age we are gone so much and a puppy would be missing from our farm due to the curiosity of being young. Thanks for sharing the lovely works, looks like a lot of hoeing to keep it weed free too.
Enjoy a lovely day.

Dorthe said...

You makes me jealoux dear Liz, so many different things , and already harvesting !! I wish I could grow the white spaceships here, I don`t think I caN- they must be so delicious ,-have you tried to dry one of them ? - Everything looks yummy and so fresh and green, -here only the potatoes and the salat is being harvested, and ofcourse the strawberries .
Sending you many warm hugs,- you will hear from me, sweet friend.

Rhonda said...

I'm with Dorthe, you make me so jealous. Our little garden is half that size and burning up quickly this summer. I have to say, our homegrown tomatoes are amazing. Picked fresh, ripened on the window sill and so GOOOOOOOOD

Enjoy your veggies, they are going to be delicious!!

Victorian Tailor said...

Love your garden, but especially love the stone Cottage! What a beautiful setting! Celeste,

Betsy said...

Amazing garden! No wonder you don't want to lose it in the heat! my berry patch looks pathetic compared to yours! this year I didnt' get any strawberries in the freezer since I was in Germany, but apricots are canned and peaches are on the tree ripening!
just have to get this painting all finished!