Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Supershort Post! (Hmmm, turns out not, lol)

Thats because I haven't made anything at all during the last few days. Lots of things planned in my head, but they are way too comfortable in there and don't want to come out! I'll kick them out tomorrow and get crafting again. I only have a couple of days before I go to Germany for a few days to visit my family.

THIS is worth blogging about though, I love the idea -

There are some real fun things planned, challenges, swaps, all sorts. Go HERE to find out all about it and if you like the idea of it all, join as well!

See? I told you, lol, this is not just supershort, this is UBERSHORT!

Oh, perhaps I ought to mention that I have listed a few more things in Vintageland, including some great French Art Deco sheet music and a fabulous Eiffel Tower together with a fab 1950s Eiffel Tower postcard!

Arrgh, I am so crap at short posts, lol, its just not me, I think I'll post a few images for you to use, alright?

The above card had this sweet little sentiment in it -

Last one

Now thats definitely it, still a short post for me though!

Toodlepip xxx


Anonymous said...

Wow Lulu you sure hit the jackpot. No wonder you have been so busy. Love your tags on the previous post. That bottle holder is quite exquisite and love the pitcher.

Debby said...

More beautiful goodies.

sadie said...

oh you make me chuckle! I am the same, loads of ideas bubble, but I have got a Big Fat Case of The Lazeeess! I just can't get motivated to start making things! Not totally true, I did make a garland, which ended up taking the best part of a week as I plodded along slowly. Would be fine if it had been a long garland, but it only said 'Home'!!! See? lazy! I'll upload a photo of it later this week.

I often try to post with as few words as poss, as I tend to ramble on. However, as you can tell from this comment, I just can't shut up!!! ;o)

a post is always lovely when full of piccies, so you can never show enough for me! xx

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie,
bubble,bubble-and bang, I`m sure you will create today, Liz,:)
Thanks so much for your very sweet old cards, they are lovely, and for the adress,too. I will take a look over there.Only I`m bussy here,too, and schould maybe not take part in more, for the moment being.
Love to you.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

I love your posts whether they be long or short. Enjoying a few minutes in lalaland with lululiz is one of my favorite places to visit in the early morning hours. Have a wonderful day. deb

Anonymous said...

Good morning Lululiz :) soooo lovely artwork, it's very romantic and charming, affectueuses "pensées" and hugs

Barbara Jean said...

I can never seem to do short either, especially in quick emails to my family. They always end up being letters!

Love your first paragraph about the ideas being comfortable in your head. too cute.
For me, it is so crowded in my mind, I'm sure it is very uncomfortable there. =)


barbara jean

PS I hav 39 words in the word game