Thursday, 24 June 2010

Finally, another long-time-in-the-making project finished

If you have been following me for a while, you'll probably remember the knitted squares I bought in a charity shop, oh, probably 18 months or so ago. This was their first blog appearance. For a long time I had no idea what to do with them, but in the end I decided on making them into a lankie. And decorate the blanket with crochet flowers. That was way back in October last year, and this was how it began. I did work on it over the next few weeks and a bit of progress was made in November. Late November/December and a visit to the cottage in France saw it almost finished. But then it kind of came to a halt. And it was only very recently that I picked it up again. It was the lovely sunshine and warm breeze which made me want to sit in the garden and finish projects.

Now, in case you didn't visit the old posts ( very time consuming, I know ), here are photos of the whole year long process -

The squares

The plan -

The progress-

Further plans -
In the end I decided against flowers in every square , it was too much.

Almost finished -

And finally, the ta-daa moment -

It is cosy and snuggly, not that I need cosy and snuggly right now, lol, the weather being so lovely at the moment. Still, cool evenings and all that, I had better be prepared, right?

Thats all for today, I am going to have a very busy afternoon crafting. Why oh why do I always leave everything til the last moment? Tomorrow is the big reveal of the RUSH projects for the Bloggerette Sorority

and although I started thinking about a project a while ago, and managed to gather a few supplies in the last couple of days, I haven't achieved anything yet! Wish me luck, or rather, inspiration and a steady hand, lol

Toodlepip xxx


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your blanket turned out very sweet, Liz! Those crocheted flowers had been the perfect addition.
Have a lovely afternoon!

Catje said...

Congratulations on finishing such a project! Sounds good, though, not having to do all the knitting, but still getting a beautiful homemade blanket out of it! :)

Maria said...

The blanket is totally gorgeous, I crocheted my first granny square this week, only another 149 and i too will have a blanket ! Hebe has just seen the photo of your house in France and thinks you have a dog with two heads !!

Wipso said...

Your blanket is really gorgeous. Well done you for finishing it and thank you so much for sharing it.
A x

Anonymous said...

I love your blanket , Liz! Such lovely colours! And I think your decision about the flowers was wright.It looks gorgeous like this.

Oh, and I'd like to tell you, that I closed Little Rose Cottage, from now on I am going to blog only on MM.

Sarah said...

Oh Liz it looks fabulous! Love the pretty pastel shades and the flowers. Your edging looks lovely with different colours. OK you beat me, I still have to do my edging. Good luck with your crafting!

Annie said...

Hi Liz, thank you so much for visiting my blog and joining in my giveaway. It's great to discover new blogs and I have loved looking at yours. Your blanket is gorgeous, you must have a lot of patience.
Ann x

VintageVicki said...

That looks great and so snuggly & inviting :)

Jackie said...

Love the blanket ~ the colours are lovely and the flowers are a very pretty finishing touch. I have lots of long time in the making projects on the go too! I just can't help myself starting new ones and then wishing the old WIPS would just get finished by themselves :O) x

Gorgeous Things said...

Hello - this is my first visit to your blog - it's great. I love the blanket - really nice colours, and what a clever touch to add the flowers. It's definitely "granny chic". I'm crocheting my first ever blanket at the moment (having been inspired by fellow bloggers), and loving it.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
hope this time this will post.
Love your blanket - nice soft colors.Have a great day.

Helsie said...

What a lovely job you've made of it. Well done!

Jille said...

Your blanket is beautiful, although I am hoping we don't have the weather to use it for a while!
Jille x

Lisa said...

I know it must feel good to see that finished project? And this one is just gorgeous! Looks so soft and comfy cozy! I'm working on a blanket for my youngest son (per HIS request for something home made by his mommy!) ha ha!
I started with 200 chain stitches so it is about 4 foot wide or so (to fit a 9 year old) and I've got about 1 foot done length wise... I'm thinking I should have made squares like these and stitched them together! This much has taken me FOREVER to get done! I've only been crocheting for about 3 months and started with the flowers. This will be my first useful "thing". Can't wait to go see more of your beautiful blog! Oh, you lucky girl... going to a cottage in France! I dream of going to France one day! Sigh...
Have a great day!

Serenata said...

Catching up with posts! I am loving your blanket - it is so beautiful and will be perfect in Autumn and Winter.

Roberta said...

Your afgan is beautiful! I'll have to share this post with my sister...she loves to crochet and I just never had the patience I guess. Great job and you must have such a feeling of accomplishment Sista ;)
Fondly, Roberta