Saturday, 22 August 2015

Who needs a swimming pool...

... when you have a river on the doorstep? Well, not exactly the doorstep, but down in the valley, the little river which runs through our village. And I am still on day 3 of the family visit, lol, I did tell ya Monday was an incredibly busy day.

After lunch, we headed down to the river, the Arroux. It is quite shallow at the moment because of the drought conditions in our area, making it a great place for the kids ( and adults, lol ) to play in. I don't think they could ever had such fun in a swimming pool, they loved it! We went back there every day until they left -

I love my little water babies! 

Now, some people merely can swim, others can WALK ON WATER! -

and darling little ones get wrapped in big fluffy towels after their watery activities -

We had just enough time to get back to the gite Stefan and family were staying in and to get ready for 'aperos' with the owners of the gite, who lived next door. What a lovely family! It was so sweet of them to invite us all for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. They were charming hosts, they spoke some English which our children greatly appreciated and made us feel so welcome -

 The gite, btw, was gorgeous, a beautifully modernised stone built farmhouse, fully equipped with everything you could need. I'd recommend it without hesitation to anybody who would like to stay in this area of Bourgogne.

By the time the aperos had been consumed, the kids had found new energy and toddled off to play on the huge trampoline or the swings whilst the adults played table tennis ( and while I cooked in the gite's fabulous kitchen, lol, except for when I snuck out to take photos ) 

I have to laugh every time I see these photos of my grown up boys behaving like kids again. Priceless, and wonderful memories.

Toodlepip xxx


shirley said...

I did enjoy reading the post. What a lovely spot to enjoy a swim, and what a lovely family.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh water a fabulous water hole/river for your all to swim in. I can see why they wanted to go back and back Liz.
Did you get into the water too??? Somehow I think not!!!!
but someone had to take the photos didn't they. Andy looks so funny "standing" on the water - well standing on something. I'd recognize those shoes anywhere!
These memories will last for a very long long time.
I'm so happy for you all!
Swimming hugs and love,

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Again thanks for sharing. Looks like a very fun time. Always nice to have things to keep the children busy. And giving us the enjoyment to see our sons still enjoy things they did when younger. A lovely family, you must be so proud. I'll have to ask my son if he's been in this area. Enjoy...

Dorthe said...

Oh Liz, what happy days you had, by the river, all together, making such wonderful memories. Love your photoes of them all, and the on water standing men ,hihi- they truly had lots of fun, all your big boys and the sweet girls .
Must have been a special thing for them to be invited for drinks and .... talking with the owners of the place , experiencing a real French before dinner "aperos" time .
Look at those men hopping and playing together,- your heart I`m sure is filled with love and happiness ,my friend !!
Sending you love.
Dorthe, xx

Betsy said...

Liz, such a fun time swimming and walking on water! I love those pics! everyone was having such a great time! Love seeing Andy's smile! And the "boys" on the fun!

Bernice Cunningham said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely family photos, everyone looks so happy and carefree! Even as teens my children can still be charmed away from their phones by the prospect of a river. There is something magical about them in a way that not even the sea quite matches.

Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries