Thursday, 20 August 2015

The most beautiful week, day 3, Monday

You know the one big drawback of modern digital cameras? It is way way way too easy to take about a million photos, lol. In the old days, when you had a real film in the camera, you had to chose quite carefully what you wanted to take photos of, because films, developing and printing were quite expensive.

So here I am with said million of photographs, lol, trying to seriously cut down and decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete. And that is a very difficult task today, because Monday was a day jam packed with all kinds of activities. And even with the most severe culling, I can't pack it all into one blog post, so I have to split the day into two posts.

Monday morning we decided to drive to Autun, a cathedral town about 3/4 hour drive from us with an amazing history dating back to Roman times. To get there, we drive through another town called Etang sur Arroux and wouldn't you know it, we got stuck there, lol, because there was a horse show/competition! We just had to stop and let the girls see the beautiful horses. They are such magnificent creatures, I don't need to add any comments to the pics -

After admiring these beautiful creatures for a while, we went on to Autun, where we split up, as Stefan and family wanted to womble past the boutiques and shops in the old town, and Chris, Nick and I wanted to go to the cathredal. I'll just take you on the walk to the cathredal, the photos of the cathredal itself will be in the next post.

Aren't these gates magnificent? -

I adore tree lined roads/paths -

I love the weathered grey finish -

On the way to the cathredal, I snuck into a small church, which I hadn't been into on previous visits. It was quite beautiful - 

Little details, like these small marble water fonts are so fascinating -

The streets leading up to the cathedral are lined with very old houses, and the cellar windows have wonderful wooden shutters -

I love ancient doors! -

This gorgeous door knob was on a fairly modern door -

but I saw a very similar door knob just a few steps further on a very ancient door -

Isn't this just the weirdest construction? -

In a gallery window, rings made with vintage buttons -

And finally, we arrived at the cathedral -

It really is quite magnificent and I'll show you some ( well, quite a lot ) photos of it in the next blog post. 

Toodlepip xxx


lynn cockrell said...

It appears much has been going on with you since I last dropped by your blog. I very much enjoyed going back several posts and seeing the beautiful family and all the things you have been doing and places you visited with them. How wonderful that they were all able to get together with you in France!

Rhonda said...

You are living the dream most of us have. Stunning pictures, Liz.

Betsy said...

What a fun day with the horse show! Lovely surprises await when we go looking for fun!