Sunday, 23 August 2015

A 'SPELL' ATC swap and Day 4 of the family visit

I recently did an ATC swap with Alice from the Yellow House Studio blog. She picked SPELL as the theme, but not as in witch's or wizard's spells, but as in abc, script, alphabet soup, fonts, learning to write, books, letters, documents. Loved it! As Alice has received mine, and I have received hers, I can post the photos of them now :-) -

Alice's SPELL ATCs -

She also sent me some Finnish ephemera, which is a lovely addition to my stash! -

And these are the ATCs I sent to Alice -

I really enjoyed this swap, hopefully it was just the first of many.

And on to day 4 of our wonderful family holiday. On Tuesday morning, before girls arrived at our cottage, I put up the 'fairy castle' I had prepared for them. Filled with a pretty pink blanket ( over a thick old duvet for comfort ) and lots of plump feather filled cushions, it looked very tempting, I may have tried it out for a minute or two :-) -

My beautiful boy Hector had to watch everything I did, of course from the comfort of his very own lounger -

Nick was getting ready to take photos with his brand new camera -

and then Stefan and family arrived and the girls made a beeline for the fairy castle -

Breakfast, more ball and frisby games in the garden, and the morning was soon gone. Time to settle down for lunch under the trees. Again :-). I thought I might get some photos of the family without them noticing it if I took them from an upstairs window, but........
dang, they saw me!

The boys had requested potato salad, pasta salad, and of course we had green bean salad and tomatoes from the garden as well with the cold meats -

A little rest after lunch,

for grown up princesses as well,

and then it was back to more silly games and another swimming session in the river. Another beautiful day with my beautiful family.

The girls were determined to stay until it was well dark enough for the fairy lights to come on -

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my family, they meant a lot to me. Toodlepip xxx

PS - I have no idea why some text is on a white background and some isn't. Weird. Anybody got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs, looks so magical at nightfall.
Liz, love your ATC collection and the stories you created.

Marci said...

Beautiful photos of good times with your lovely family. You might be nominated grandmother of the year for that fairy castle :-)) It is beautiful, especially at night. They will always remember that.

Createology said...

I adore your ATCs and how clever with the theme of "spell". Oh how I would love to be a princess in your beautiful Faerie Canopy! Creative Family Bliss...

Judys Lace Creations said...

How lovely of you to make the girls their own special "FairyPlace". It's gorgeous to enter a child's "space" and play with them.Bet the garden looked magical with the fairy lights on.

Lesley UK said...

I love the ATCs. The happy pics of your family are wonderful. They certainly put a smile in my heart. Blessings

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Liz - you must be the Fairy Godmother then who just appeared with her Fairy Castle for the sweet little brandies.
A day they will always remember! Oh the joy on their faces must have been amazing. It will be a day you and they will always remember as you made it so very special for them and the whole family.The fairy lights just made it so magical! What a sweet grandmother (and grandfather) they have!
I was intrigued with Hector - wondering what Is this all about Mum?
Love your great ATC swap!!!
Fairy light hugs to you! Xox

Dorthe said...

Hello sweet friend, my computer has been to the doctor, so I have been away for 2 days, but back now :-)
I must say I adore your princess /fairy tent- what a most wonderful idea you had for the girls...all ages ,lol... I would so have loved resting there for a bit, too ,dear friend, and I can see everyone were tempted,also the "REAL" princess,and even maybe the men ,LOL--- but surely only in their mind ,and NOT saying loud !!!
Your dinner looks wonderfully yummy, all salats,so great ,and you all sitting there cozy under the trees,and umbrella !!
Such very lovely days dear Liz.
Your ATC`s are all stunning, I so love what you did and the blue theme!!
Also you recieved some wonderful ones from Alice !!
BIG HUG and thank you for your note, you will hear from me one of the days !!
Dorthe, xx

Wen Sylvestre said...

Beautiful ATCs from both of you! And how magical a place is that sweet little tent, especially with the lights. Life looks good in France!

Wen Sylvestre said...

By the way, did you happen to cut and paste the text? When I do so on my blog, the font and colour change. So when I have to cut and paste my text, I use the option paste plain text (so without the colours, font, etc). It automatically chooses the right font and such then. And by the way no.2... sigh, still almost three weeks to go before Suzy's class starts... oh dear... :) Hugs xx

Betsy said...

Oh, Love the fairy castle! I'll bet the princesses loved it as well! Andrea is a beautiful woman and mother to your Grandgirls. She seemed to enjoy it as well! yummy meals....oh... such a fun day!