Saturday, 26 July 2014

All shopped out!

There are not many brocantes on a Saturday in our area of Burgundy, but today there was a pretty big one in a town about 45 mins from us. It was great! A really good mixture of professionals and private sellers, a lot of whom were actually sitting outside their homes. It was a really good atmosphere and I might just have gotten a little bit carried away, lol, I spent way more than I had intended to. But all so worth it. Have a look at what I came home with -

Errmm, the huge white courgetty things in the background are from our garden, lol, not the brocante!

Here are a few close ups -
Some gorgeous old lace from one seller ( more from others later ), a rather beautiful rosary with beads made from bone or ivory, not sure yet, and these really pretty picture hook covers -

Mother of pearl rosary, a rosary with deep blue beads and rather unusual spacers between the decades, a rosary made with very exotic looking seeds, and a little unopened packet of lace with original label -

Huge Monk's/Nun/s wooden rosary and some delightful porcelain blue and white door knobs -

Great set of copper kitchen utensils, wooden wine casket spigots/taps, 2 envelopes, one which held postcards and one which still holds old photo paper, couldn't resist the gorgeous labels -

The sweetest little vintage child's basket, a graniteware cake baking tin, madeleine baking trays, a vintage glass pipette in its cylinder and a glass and wicker perfume bottle

A great set of heavy quality copper pans, and some fabulous chocolate boxes as well as a sweet little Baptism gift box -

Sweet little baby tops with the most delicate lace trims and some lovely old lace bobbins -

A Sacred Heart church candle base and a pair of awesome big antique curtain tie backs -

A small box of lace from one seller -

Some red striped torchons -

and a bag of lace from a third seller! -
First time in absolute ages that I have found a decent amount of lace!

A set of gorgeous faux pearl and filigree work buttons, so gorgeous -

This next one is a superb example of hand painted porcelain, incredibly fine work and such a very beautiful image -

And last but not least, these two beautiful knotted lace work bed covers -

You may have noticed a big folder on the table under some of the stuff. That is my most treasured find and I spent a fortune on it, but when I'll show you what it is, you'll understand.  I haven't photographed any of the content yet, I am hoping to do that tomorrow.

My legs and feet are still aching, it was a very tiring but also very happy trip.

Bedtime for me now. As always, thanks for stopping by. Toodlepip xxx


Vicki Boster said...

Oh my-- your treasures are amazing. All that gorgeous lace-- it's divine..
My feet are always feeling it after I walk all day at the flea market-- I know your pain-- but it's great fun!!

Love seeing all of your treasures--

Rhonda said...

Well you are living my dream Liz. I hope you rest well and I cannot wait to see your big treasure. Beautiful finds just beautiful.

May said...

Hi Liz, What a wonderful mix of beautiful treasures...I adore your finds...Hugs May x x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

You lucky lucky girl. I am in deep envy. When we went to the Braderie in Lille I could have bought barrow loads, but unfortunately we couldn't get it in the car! Can't wait to see your other treasure.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

You lucky lucky girl. I am in deep envy. When we went to the Braderie in Lille I could have bought barrow loads, but unfortunately we couldn't get it in the car! Can't wait to see your other treasure.

Sandies' Patch said...

Oh my! All that beautiful lace, copper pans and all of it!
You lucky lady!
Then there's the contents of the folder to come yet.....!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Oh my gosh Liz, you are having way too much fun! Don't stop :0)
enJOY a sweet week my friend,

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! What treasures you have here! My sister in law took me to a brocante last year - I was happy with what I bought but she said it wasn't a very good one.
Hoping for better luck next year!! Look forward to seeing what you do with your goodies! I don't often comment but I do pop in from time to time - hope you don't think me rude!! x

Createology said...

Oh my dear your treasures are breathtaking. I am swooning with all of your amazing finds. I was fortunate to visit a brocante this year but never saw these wonderful treasures. Blissful dear...

Betsy said...

Oh, My!
Gorgeous bed covers and all those wonderful finds! The filigree pearl buttons???? yeah, they are calling my name, please reserve them for me if you are selling them!
LOVE LOVE the bobbins and the lace boxes, so pretty. The silver box is also so detailed, gorgeous!
The child's basket is so adorable, and I love the cask spigots!
Such fun. Guess who will be in France tomorrow???? Yep, my daughter...again, without me!!!!
Sometime I will accompany her!
hugs and smiles...Love those gorgeous laces!

Lynn Stevens said...

Be still my heart, All of my Favorite things. Gorgeous!!
hugs Lynn