Thursday, 15 May 2014

Whats in the box under the pink tissue paper???

Some of you may have had the same experience. Of opening that box, removing the pink tissue paper, and finding underneath.......................... Vicki's latest nest!!! I was one of the very lucky ones to get onto the list for this nest.

We were driving down the little country lane down the hill when I spotted the post office van coming up the hill. I just had to stop and waive the post lady down. In typical French style we stopped our cars next to each other, opened the windows and I asked her whether she had a package for us. And she did!! My nest from Vicki, hurrah!

And now all of you who didn't get one of Vicki's nest can feast your eyes on this -

The sweet bunting was made for all the nests by my darling friend Suzy, of Suziqu's Threadworks -

and this darling little butterfly was made by sweet Karen from Todolwen -

For the moment it rests on my old treadle sewing machine, and greets me every time I go upstairs -

I can't thank this amazing woman enough for creating such beauty for us. Do visit her beautiful blog and perhaps one day you will get the chance to own one of her creations. They help support such a worthwhile cause, which you can find out about on her blog.

Toodlepip xxx


my cup of tea said...

Oh MY! That is amazing and beautiful! Worth waiting for!

Betsy said...

I love the beautiful spring nest! I didn't realize that Karen and Suzy made items for each of this year's nests that Vicki made! That is so awesome! What a gorgeous combined effort! Vicki is so very talented and sweet, I may just need to get one of these sometime.

Nook and Cranny said...

The nest is pure amazement!!!
So beautiful, so unique, I love it!
Thanks for sharing with us.