Sunday, 18 May 2014

Brocanting on a Sunday morning

It was a beautiful morning, a little mist drifting through the valley below us, blue sky smiling above us and sunshine trying its best to warm us. I wake up early when it gets light early, so I walked the dogs at 6.30, and we were ready to leave for the brocante  at 7. So much fun! And of course I did find a few things which I had to bring back.

I unloaded them straight onto the garden table as it was such a lovely day -

So what did I get? A rather lovely silver handled carving set, marked Paris on the knife, a few tart tins including these dinky Xmas tree ones -

Ephemera, like these calendar pages, and what looks like a police diary from the 1930s, which could make for very interesting reading -

Wonderful old school books

The sweetest child's basket and a wicker and glass wine jug -

At long last I found a couple of gorgeous enamel pitchers/jugs again, don't see them very often anymore -

Isn't this just the sweetest little tin?

Another rather pretty tin, a weird old medical thingy in its tin and a pair of  antique weights. I could not help but imagine a 1910 gentleman with big moustaches and wearing one of those striped outfits, using these -

A pair of top quality metis sheets, never used, with original labels, a garnet red rosary, a white rosary, and a sparkly bead necklace ( for moi ;-) ) -

a bunch of sweet little greeting cards and a set of 12 really pretty coffee spoons -

Gotta finish this post with another photo of the enamel jugs, they are soooooooooooo gorgeous!

 I spent a couple of hours in the craftavan this afternoon, making more tags to go with orders, but I think I'll leave those pics for tomorrow.

Until then, toodlepip xxx


Salma said...

Ooooooooooooooh sind die Kannen schön :D

Der Rest natürlich auch!

Da hast du mal wieder eine tolle Ausbeute gemacht :)

Salma, die nach wie vor ganz verliebt in den schönen Emaillekrug ist <3

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Youe treasures are all beautiful, dear Liz. I'm in love with the
Police diary:) Will you keep it??
If not please let me know.
Have a great day.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

such lovely finds again dear lulu. i always seem to let out a big "sigh" after seeing your brocante treasures. so jealous!;)

Createology said...

Oh how wonderful to find such treasures on a Sunday morning of Brocanting. I dream of doing this one day. Creative Bliss...

Dorthe said...

Oh ,and Oh again, so many things to fall in love with again,- I almost dare not ask if the garnet rosary is for sale, and how much it is , but now I did it anyway ,lol-
Love the old book, and the calenders, too.
Hugs from me, and sunny greetings.
Dorthe, xx

Mom E. said...

Such wonderful finds! Love the journal with the handwriting in it! Those spoons are so sweet and The sheets are amazing and never used!!! And those lovely tins...such great things you find! Love seeing them all!