Saturday, 10 May 2014

Brocante in my Garden?

That is what it looked like when I took the bags with the latest brocante finds ( Thursday ) from the car and emptied them out onto the garden table. Did I buy all that?  No wonder my purse was empty, lol. I did have a wonderful time though, haggling with the stall holders, having a good old natter and a laugh. And I did find so many beautiful little treasures. But see for yourself -

Original fashion magazine illustrations from the 1800s, beautifully framed -

Gorgeous casket, tiny boxes, lots of watch parts to play with -

Lovely quality, heavy, silverplate cutlery/flatware -

19th Century roller stamp and a bunch of pretty stamps to go with it -

The sweetest old tins -

A beautiful large Madonna statue -

The most delightful gilded bronze candleholder. The spike has dropped , but DH can fix it! -

Two antique brass and laquered wood office stamps, one says 'Professeur', sweet little benitier, and the prettiest fabric covered box -

Small coffee spoons, perfect for our larger sized espresso cups, and a couple of gorgeous hat and coat hooks -

Lace, lace, lace -

and more lace, yay -
I'll have to take photos of some of the most beautiful pieces some other time.

Very pretty vintage slip in the loveliest shade of pink.

And the coup de coeur,the most delicious find -

oh, it is so beautiful! Shimmering crystals, delightful shell pink milk glass cups and drops, fabulous gilt finish, that amazing crystal spike in the centre...

I'll have to show it to you properly when the weather improves and doesn't threaten rain showers every few minutes, as I'll have to hang it in the garden to photograph. In the meantime, I drool over it in the box ;-).

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that wonderful raspberry pink tagine, which has inspired a search for proper tagine recipes ( not the pressure cooker or oven dish kind ). You can just see it in this photo -

See why I am so behind with everything? Brocanting takes up a LOT of time. But what a wonderful way to spend time, eh?

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Oh LIz ,this is more than I would ever wish for finding here, in one whole year, lol Yes it is !!
So many amazing finds, I would love the stamps both roll ones and the other,the watchparts, the candleholder and the benitier, and your beautiful, beautiful crystal candle hanger- oh what a fantastic day you have had ,my dear friend. I`m so glad for you, as I know these brocante tours makes you so happy .
Hugs and a kiss from Dorthe

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Liz, what a week you had! OK, I am more than a little jealous over those rollers, do you think they were for wallpaper?
en-JOY a sweet weekend, my friend,

Denise said...

Now that looks like tons of FUN.

Sophie said...

Wow, eine tolle Ausbeute hast du da ergattert :-)
Und du hattest bestimmt eine Menge Spaß dabei.

Du könntest bei mir vielleicht auch pfündig werden.
Ich will einiges loswerden, haha...
Mir wird das langsam zuviel an Möbeln und Kram, der sich so in vielen Jahren angesammelt hat.

Hast du eigentlich ein Geschäft, einen Shop, wo du wieder alles verkaufst?

Ein schönes sonniges WE wünsche ich dir.
Wir haben seit gestern furchtbares Wetter, Regen Sturm, Gewitter...

Betsy said...

OOOOOO, Girl, you hit the jackpot!
AGAIN!!!! Such gorgeous finds...
I LOVE the spoons, the mustard spoons and the other espresso spoons, so perfect! The watch parts you will have such fun with! all the metal boxes and tins are so wonderful, The little round one is amazing, and that antique brass vase! The stamps look amazing as well, I'd love to see what image they stamp! The forks and spoons are in impeccable condition, the roller embroidery stamp has so many wheels! And the lace....ahhh.....yeah, lovely lovely lace....
But that chandelier???!!!! Woa....will there be anything laeft in France for me to purchase when I get there??? LOLOL LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chandelier!!! It is the perfect color for my Bathroom...or bedroom....perfect...
you find the best things!
hugs to you!

Createology said...

I honestly love all of your treasures you have acquired. How very delightful to set up your brocante and revel in all of it. Creative Brocante Bliss...

Sonya Badgley said...

Wow! You definitely found some treasures! What fun! Oh I need to get back into hunting for wonderful finds like these! It's been awhile but oh, I am getting the itch! :)
The chandelier is so beautiful-love the color!!
Hugs to you,

Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of treasures, one lovelier that the other! Have fun, Valerie

Salma said...

Oh mein Gott, was für eine Ausbeute!!!! :D

Ich hab übrigens auch solche Bilder aus dem Fashion Magazine ;) Eine ganze Reihe! Hab ich mal im Lieblingsladen in Graz gefunden!!! Die sind wirklich traumhaft schön!

Der Leuchter ist aber wirklich das Tüpfelchen auf dem I ! :)


Vicki Boster said...

Liz-- your brocante finds are amazing-- you have an eye for finding the most wonderful treasures!! They look totally gorgeous displayed in your garden!!


marie said...

Oh my...beautiful treasures indeed!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh my favorite find of yours was #1 the chandelier then #2 the box of watch parts I don't have either one so would love to find each here at a flea market