Saturday, 21 September 2013

What a silly moo!

I have been an even worse blogger now that we are back in the UK than I was in France. This time I have a good ( or bad, depending on how you look at it ) reason. I haven't been able to type for a few days. Actually, I haven't  been able to do very much at all. You see, I was quite inspired by Petite Michelle Louise's Grey Dey Thursdeys. It got me thinking about all the beautiful shades of grey/gray which I hadn't really paid that much attention to in the past and I just had to dye some French linen and vintage French laces in shades of grey/gray to have more of that elegant colour :-). I was chuffed to bits with the results. So much so that I decided to put a few grey/gray kits together for my Etsy shop, and I had so much fun finding all kinds of embellishments. And then it came to cutting the linen. Lovely 100 year old linen. Out came the cutting mat, the rotary cutter and the large quilting ruler.  And thats when it happened, just a split second of inattention, and instead of slicing through layers of French linen, I rotary cut through the side of my index finger instead and took a slice off. Nuff said,eh? It is only just now that I can bear to put the bandaged finger to the keyboard keys.

I am going to save the pics of the lovely grey/gray stuff until next week for Michelle's Grey Dey Thursdeys linky party, but I couldn't have a post without any pics at all, could I? So here is just one little teaser -

Oh well, just one more then, lol -

Off to have a cup of tea and rest that poor abused finger of mine again.
Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Oh sweet Liz, how awful, dear..I hope it will soon be fully well and workable again. That is what happens now and then!!!!
Your dyed and beautiful bundles looks beautiful in all the shades of grey !
I hope to see you soon ,all well with your finger ,again!!
I`m in a bit of worry myself, as you can see on my last blog post , I will have an answer this wednesday, going back to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.
Hugs and many xxxxx from Dorthe

morkaren said...

Uha, det var da slemt, jeg håber du læger hurtig op igen, en kreativ sjæl kan ikke klare at ligge for længe stille af gangen. knus morkaren.

Rhonda said...

OH Liz, I do hope it feels better! Tea cures all!!

Your greys are simply gorgeous and I have some greys I want to capture for next week, too!

Createology said...

Oh Dear I am so sorry you cut your finger badly. Healing energy to you. I adore your greys and have always loved grey as I find it elegant and comfortable and beautiful all at the same time. Delicious fabrics and laces...

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Oh goodness, I am drooling over those greys. Just gorgeous. Hope you finger heals quickly

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, you poor thing I hope your finger will heal quickly. Your greys turned out gorgeous,Liz.
Sending big hugs,

Love the ATC's you received:)

Mom E. said...

I have another friend who just did this to her finger! take good care of it and soak it and have tea and pamper yourself....Love the greys you have, I am off to see your etsy store! I have been leaning toward more grey this summer as well....and pink.....PINK!! who would have thought I'd EVER do that! LOL
hugs....I have some wonderful stuff to help heal your finger....

Lynn Stevens said...

Ouch!!! I do hope your finger is healed up now. so was the fabric gray and red when you were done?
hugs Lynn