Thursday, 5 September 2013

Grey Dey Thursdey No. 2

I am once again taking part in Petite Michelle Louise's Grey Dey Thursdeys linky party. I didn't think I had much in the way of grey when I first read about Grey Dey Thursdeys, but I do have some greys, well, enough for this post anyway, lol.

I found this light grey office stamp holder the other day at a vide grenier -

Vintage drawer handles. Silver metal covered in white paint, which has thinned so much in places that it looks grey. I got these in a little box full of odd metal bits and pieces -

From a very different era, a beautiful greeny grey silk pleated belt, I would say Edwardian era. I wish my waist was small enough to wear it -

Decades apart, but somehow the colour palette draws them together quite nicely -

Antique pharmacy bottle with a pretty label. The label itself is rather warmer than grey, but the writing and especially then darling little angels are a deep grey rather than black -

Antique stoneware cheese molds/moulds. Love these in the kitchen for storing and displaying all sorts of kitchen implements in them -

And to finish off with, a very vintage Suchard trade card in lovely shades of grey ( and white, and black :-) )-

We'll be going back to the UK for a month or so in just over a week, so I am busy busy busy deciding what to take back, packing up the brocante finds I can't send from here ( because I have almost run out of packaging material, lol ), and preparing listings for little items I can still post from here. Might have a quick sale before we leave, if I have time to organise it. I have so much catching up to do with inchies and tags, no idea when I will be able to get back into the craftavan and get on with that. 

If you love the colour grey/gray, then hop over to Michelle's blog and check out the other lovely grey/gray posts. Even better, take part yourself!

Thank you so much for visiting! Toodlepip xxx


Regina said...

Always love seeing what you post. LOVE love love all the grey too...especially those little drawer pulls.

Be safe traveling and wish I was there to help you pack up.


Petite Michelle Louise said...

lovely brocante finds in all shades of grey. i especially love the petite drawers pulls. so unique.. and that patina is to die for! happy grey dey thursdey! so happy you joined in! ;)

May said...

Love all the shades of Grey...Love the antique pharmacy bottle & drawer handles...Love them all... Hugs May x x x

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Liz, and a happy grey dey thursday, with your beautiful finds---I`m also in love with the drawer pulls, but also the beautiful belt and the stamp holder is wonderful finds......
So you will be back in a weeks time !! I can imagine it is difficult desiding what to bring to your UK home and what to let stay!! But as you will soon be back again... you have time to change your mind, without it taking very long time to review lovely pieces !!
We had a beautiful sunny day,- I hope you had too!!
Hugs and xx-Dorthe

marda said...

Love you shades of grey. As to that beautiful old gathered probably could put it around your waist if you were cinched up in a corset the way the lady in question was able to cinch it around her waist at the time.
Of course you could barely breath but you'd look amazing!!!

libbyquilter said...

i had no idea that i was in love with the color grey until i read/viewed your post~!!!~GORGEOUS~!


Lana Kim White Austin said...

I love every single one of your pieces.....especially the drawer pulls and the antique were like me, didn't think you had that much grey, and then upon inspection realized you had tons of it....your photos are beautifully lit, too. Gorgeousness all around!!!