Monday, 11 February 2013

A winner, an inchie and a dilemma

Gosh, you girls are a patient lot. Remember a few weeks ago the wonderful Vicki hosted a Grow Your Blog party I took part in as well, as I was looking forward to finding some gorgeous new blogs to follow. I did say at the time that in the middle of February I would have a little giveaway for one visitor who posted a comment on that particular post, because at the time I was in France and totally without craft supplies. Anyhoo, I finally picked a winner, and her name is ........

Wendy, from Apple and Apricot!

I'll be getting in touch with you, Wendy, to have a little chat about the giveaway :-).

And so on to the inchie for this week. HAPPINESS was the theme. Now before I show the inchie, I just have to explain that I was in a bit of a silly frame of mind today, lol, after traipsing through puddles and ankle deep mud when we were walking the dogs this morning. I quite enjoyed the squelching and splashing, took me back to walks with my brothers when we were kids. You won't be surprised by this inchie then, will ya -

Ahem, swiftly on to the dilemma bit of the title. I haven't been to an English bootfair since last summer, and I really really needed to get out and look at stuff. Old stuff. There was a jumble sale advertised on Saturday and I relished the thought of being able to rummage through lots and lots of stuff. The only slightly worrying thing was, it was advertised as a POSH jumble sale. Ohoh. Posh kind of equals expensive in my mind. And thats what it turned out to be. Expensive. Individual stallholders, not a jumble sale but more like a mini indoor antiques fair. Needless to say, I didn't buy very much, but I did come home with a few little bits of jewellery because the beads were so gorgeous, colourful and heavy, and three scarves. And thats where the dilemma comes into it. The scarves are just lovely, beautifully embroidered, and I bought them to cut up for collages and fabric books. And now I am sitting here with them on my lap and I can't do it. I keep thinking, ooh, they would be so lovely to wear. But how often would I actually wear them? See my dilemma? Here they are -


Cut or wear, cut or wear, cut or wear??? Do let me know what you think!

Oh, and these are the bits of jewellery I bought for the beads -

Toodlepip xxx


Lyn said...

Oh gosh they are gorgeous I couldn't cut them up! X

morkaren said...

åee hvor jeg forstår dig, de dejlige tørklæder kunne jeg heller ikke klippe i, det ene er jo smukkere end det andet, dejligt håndarbejde, jeg tror jeg bare ville have det liggende fremme eller i en skuffe og af og til "føle" på det og nyde synet. knus morkaren.

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Liz! Those scarves are gorgeous! What the heck, cut them up!

Wendy said...

yay!!! Thank you Liz!! Talking about happiness :)
I'd say: first wear then cut them. Or first cut them, re-make and then wear them. Or just cut them up alright. I know, I'm being very helpful.

hugs, Wendy

Salma said...

das dilemma kann ich durchaus nachvollziehen... ;) wirklich eine schwere entscheidung, denn das sind wirklich außergewöhnlich schöne teile!

große hilfe, nicht wahr?! ;)

bin gespannt, wofür du dich entscheidest!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Everything looks totally gorgeous Liz!
I must admit I would at least have to hang them for quite a while to admire them until that passes and then only cut them up if you have a real need to incorporate them into something.
They are absolutely beautiful just as they are.
Sending heaps of beaded lace and netting love to you and your freezing part of the world!
Suzy xox

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Liz, I've just started incorporating old lace and such into my paper art, and I've fallen hard for the lusciousness of it. These scarves are really special. You are right to question and hesitate. I bought a lovely old lace scarf for pennies, thinking to cut up, but instead I wear it and enjoy it as a treasured adornment. Either way you can't go wrong. Bon chance.

Dorthe said...

Hi Liz,
OHHHH dear, I so understand you,---what would I do ??? maybe keep the two colours I loved the most, and then cut the third one...or....
But truly they would also be gorgeous to use in collages, and on cards and tags, -also your pearls are beautiful looking, and great finds.
My internet have been down for 2 dayes, so trying to catch up!

ricketyjo said...

Wear them until you've had enough of them and then cut them up! But don't cut them until you've worn them all at least once :)

Nook and Cranny said...

Oh boy! you do have a dilemma. I don't know what I would do either, cut or wear. I may choose a few to wear and a few to cut up. The scarfs are so lovely. Hope this helps.

Alexandra Eitel said...

Argsss sind das geile Schätze meine Liebe!!!

Mom E. said...

LOVE the jewelry for the beads....I can see them being cut up....the scarves....they are gorgeous...I like the "wear them until your are ready to cut them up" suggested Ideas...
I would love to go rummageing with you, one day in the next few years I am coming! Hope you are willing....
I'll have to save my money for the pastage to send things home! But it is not that far a trip from Germany, and I can't see me staying away from there for very long!