Wednesday, 21 September 2011

White Wednesday, Tag Tuesday and the last catch up inchies for Every Inchie Monday

You may have guessed from the title that this is going to be a fairly long post. I have such a big backlog of things to share with you, I just have to cram more than one thing into each post. I hope you can stay with me though, because at the end of the post is the link to the giveaway, just in case you didn't see yesterday's post ;-)

Ok, I'll start with WHITE WEDSNESDAY. Kathleen over at Faded Charm is hosting the 118th White Wednesday and as usual there are sooooo many fabulous links to explore. Do check them out if you have a little while to spare. My White Wednesday post is about one of my most favourite things. Lace. French lace. Again, lol. I found the following pieces at a vide greniers in Perrecy Les Forges -

TAG TUESDAY, oh my, we had a wicked challenge this week - RECYCLE THE TRASH. Funny how it turned out to be a rather foody looking tag. I used the label from a French cheese box ( very smelly but delicious cheese, thankfully the tag does not smell of it, lol ), a bit of a chocolate bar cardboard cover, a little bit of the foil the chocolate was wrapped in, and the leaves are from a Magners cider box which I retrieved from the recycling as well. The two little flowers are punched out from another scrap of the chocolate foil. The "string" is made from twisted up tissue paper, which I had discarded and fished out of the bin in my craft room again -

And on to the rest of the inchies I had to catch up on, the last 6 of the ELEVEN inchies I needed to make to get up to date again. Working backwards through the weeks -

For STRENGTH I chose to use the chinese symbol -

For RUST I used a tiny little rusty key, found at a French vide greniers -

SUNSET was proving really difficult. I love the sunsets we get at our cottage in France, I photograph them all the time, because each night they are so very different. I really couldn't decide which inchie I preferred, as the colours are so different. So I am posting both, and you can decide for yourselves which you prefer.

NEST was so much fun to make, but tricky. Have you ever tried to make the tiniest little nest out of a few strands of dried grass, lol? It took me ages, but I got there in the end. Three tiny pearls made good little eggs -

For BOOKS I made a tiny little book with a scrap of paper from a French Missel. It had very small writing, so was ideal for this -

And lastly, 11 weeks ago, the challenge was LOVE, and fondly remembering the Hippie days of Love and Peace, it just had to be this -


Thank you all for stopping by and good luck in the draw if you decide to enter.

Toodlepip xxx


ImSoVintage said...

Love the vintage lace. I just bought a box of vintage lace trim at an auction and can't wait to go through it all. Happy to have found you through White Wednesday.

Angela said...

Is there anything more yummy than vintage lace...
You have the jackpot!
I love them all.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Thoose french lace pieces are fabulous Liz. What a great find.

Lenet said...

ooooo I'm in LOVE with your lace!

Michela said...

Gosh Lizzie, you need to take another holiday after catching up with all those tricky challenges!LOL!
Love the "recycle the trash"one!

Dorthe said...

Hello Liz,
I really don`t have words enough (englisch ones) to say how fantastic your french laces are -so fragile, and so special.
And all your little inchies- are wonderful,too-I love the nest one-and the book- they are beautiful- and the tag is great-with all the recycled things and pieces from your bin- Love it Liz.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Liz, It's all totally GORGEOUS!!! What beautiful treasures you made, my friend! WOW!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Liz to bathe yourself in all that fine French lace is a treat beyond description! Love your tiny tiny inchie bird's nest and missel so much!
How clever is the tag - great stuff!

Kris said...

Gorgeous lace!!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Swooning here at that gorgeous lace!! :)
Loving your inchies too, how cute is that nest! I haven't made inchies in ages..
Jan x

Faye said...

I'm here because of Tag Tuesday and your recycled masterpiece. It actually looks beautiful. I just couldn't get mine beautiful (have since tossed it away). But I couldn't leave without seeing the entire post. The lace is to die for. How exquisitely gorgeous!!!

sonya said...

Oh Liz!I am so coveting your french lace! Truly beautiful-all of it!
Love your inchie tags too! And hopin' and prayin' I win your giveaway! :)
Sonya said...

What wonderful lace! And those in hoes are too.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my goodness.. The laces are beautiful, and I loved looking at all the inchies you've made! What a challenge THAT is! I've seen some quick and easy ones done, but none in this kind of detail! AMAZING! And last but not least, LOVE your tag! It was definitely a challenge, but I found it to be the most fun!... Enjoy the rest of your week! ~tina

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Liz, Those laces take my breath away. I've never seen anything similar here. They are absolutely gorgeous.
Have a wonderful day :-)!

Country Nanny said...

Long but stunning post! Everything's wonderfull!
Hugs :)

Jeannette said...

Wow,this tag is very wonderfull,and the nestis you have making is very amazing,i love it soo much,Bravo!


Anonymous said...

The lace is totally dreamy, Liz!!!
Hugs, Diane

Bente said...

I have never seen so much beautiful lace. And you make the most beautiful things.

Hugs Bente

vicki said...

You had me at the word NEST!! I love that little creation - it is absolutely adorable!!

You are really up to the task with your challenges - love your creative inspirations! Totally amazing!


ps - still jealous that you are going to France! Do you need a housekeeper? me?

Have a wonderful time!!!!

Anneke said...

the lace is totaly dreaming and wonderful things like the labels you have made

Linda M. said...

Oh my the lace is gorgeous and your tag, chocolate, good cheese. grapes (wine) how devine! Why is my life so boring? lol Love all your littel collage pieces too. Linda

Teresa said...

The lace is so beautiful, it makes one dream of wearing something that dainty and pretty... Absolutely gorgeous!

Xela said...

Ohhhh mein Gott was für geile Spitze.
Und tolle Tags und Inchies hast du gemacht meine Liebe.

LynnF said...

That vintage lace is just exquisite! And I love your little Nest! Brilliantly done!

PetraB said...

Your projects are just stunning and this lace .. it is gorgeous.

BelleSouth said...

such imagination - love it!!


Gisèle said...

ooooh, your new laces are DIVINE...
they are one of my " loves in life"
also. Your recycled tag is brilliant, and all those inchies, so creative and wonderful...especially love the bird nest, and the hippy love one..
and the mini book...
Beautiful post...xoxoxo