Saturday, 17 September 2011

Finally catching up with things

We got back from France a week ago, and I have finally managed to work my way through all the missed blog posts. Oh man, you girls have been creating such wonderful things while I have been away! I have drooled over so many beautiful things. It really got me itching to get creating again as well.

I had put aside a few little French things for a Back from France Giveaway, and was waiting for inspiration to strike for that special something to add to it. Well, it struck and I crafted and now I am ready! Tomorrow I will post the Giveaway!

Today, however, I need to post the final two tags so that I am back on track again. Last week's tag challenge was MOON, and as much as I wanted to make it in France, I couldn't find anything remotely moony in my little stash or anywhere round the cottage. I had to wait til we got back to England before I could finally make it.

I had photographed the moon and moonlit sky last summer, when we were sitting out under the trees in the garden with friends, enjoying some good food and good wine. The clouds looked quite amazing because the full moon was so very bright -

This week's prompt was FLOWERPOT. Now, Rebecca, the lovely lady who runs the Tag Tuesday Challenge on her Blog Challenge Garden blog, wanted something " outside the box ", and mentioned bread, fish and lightbulbs................. so guess what she got? Of course, she got a bouquet of bread, fish and lightbulbs in my flowerpot, lol. I made this one late this evening, so had to photograph it with flash, which I really dislike, but I need to get these posts done! The flowerpot is made from Fimo and the fish, bread and lightbulbs are stuck to thin little wires and fixed inside the flowerpot. The background is a bit of scrap paper I had previously used under some other tags and cards I had painted. No idea really why I picked it, probably because it was on my desk, lol, and I couldn't find anything else I liked.

So here is my flowerpot, filled with Rebecca's requested bread, fish and lightbulbs -

And now it is way past my bedtime, so I am going to womble off.

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Dear Liz-
what an amazing photo you got of the full moon- and such a wonderful tag it made- very suitable for the coming Halloween :)
And your flowerpot is growing healthy food and light---what better could you wish for , on a lovely september sunday.

Michela said...

Glad to have you back full time in Blogland!

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Liz, so weird I was just thinking about you yesterday! So glad to have you back.

Amazing tag, Love how you were able to use a real photo, what a beautiful sky!
and such a fun and creative tag with the flower pot and fish. heeheehee.

hugs Lynn

Anneke said...

such a gorgeous tag.
i saw your latest work, and wow what a beautiful work, i love it all.

BelleSouth said...

bahahahahahahaha! I love it! Both tags are grand!!!