Monday, 19 September 2011

Mega Inchie Session!

Two months in France put me way way way behind with the weekly Every Inchie Monday challenge. I did some crafting in my cosy craftavan, but inchies were too much of a challenge, lol, I didn't have the right things with me. So, including today's SPARKLE challenge, I need to catch up on 11, yep ELEVEN inchies. Yikes!!! But it seems I am in the swing of things and have made 5 inchies this morning already. I am working backwards from today's challenge, so the first one to show you is this week's challenge, SPARKLE.

SPARKLE, aahh yes, that immediately put jewellery in my mind, diamonds, emeralds, saphires, rubies....... I found a tiny little broken emerald and diamond pendant in my stash. It was the perfect size for an inchie. I used a glitter pen for a very subtle shimmer on the lace flower, and of course had to add some sparkly crystals and glass glitter -

Last week's challenge was KISS. It was really difficult to pick one graphic from my collection, but in the end I settled on this one, it was just too sweet to ignore. I used a tiny scrap of lace, a teeny bit of border from a French Missel page and a square jewel ( I do love my bling, lol ) -

The week before that, the challenge was COSY. I knew just the image I wanted to use. It is a tiny portion of a photograph taken last winter in our cottage in France. My son was stretched out on the settee, and Hector had settled down on top of his legs. Both were snuggled down very cosily under a blanket -

Going back another week, the challenge was CHANGE. I thought about acorns and oak trees, tadpoles and frogs, but whilst I was rummaging around in a little box of bits and pieces for something else, I found this very old French coin from 1931, 5 centimes, which is very small change indeed. Aha, small CHANGE, lol, methought, and the coin just had to be used. For the background I used a tiny section of an old French banknote, not quite such small change, lol, it was a 500 Francs note -

And the last one I am showing in this post is the IMAGINE challenge from 5 weeks ago! My imagination always runs away with me, and I can spend many happy moments imagining fairies, unicorns, giants etc etc -

Thats it for this post, I am already thinking about all the other inchies I still need to make, so I had better get myself back to my craft table before my muse deserts me again.

Toodlepip xx

Oh, I had such a busy day yesterday with a boot fair to go to, family visiting and all sorts of stuff, that I totally forgot to give you details of the Back-from-France Giveaway as promised. Ooops. I had better edit some photographs, lol, and get that post up as soon as. Tomorrow. Promise. xx


Dolores said...

Oh what a treat. Thanks for catching up. I have enjoyed looking at all your creative inchies.

Kris said...

Wow awesome catch up!!
Your inchies are great. Good for you
getting it all caught up.

Trillian said...

Great inchies. I love the way you took your photos that make them even look better again.

Dorthe said...

Liz- they are so wonderful-I so admire you still making the inchies-- every one of them- and the new ones are fantastic- most I love the Sparckle :) and the Small change-- AND your- Cosy,lol.
Hugs to you, dear.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, I love these, Liz! and I adore the "bling!" So spectacular!


Kelly_Deal said...

Cute inches Liz!

Anneke said...

wow, the inchies are gorgeous and i love them all.
very creative design.
have a nice week liz

Anonymous said...

You're still going strong with inchies, Liz! All of them are fun but the 1st one, elegant!

Happy Tuesday!

Fabric Art said...

Liz thanks for your sweet comments, wow so many wonderful inchies, all so creatively done, love especially the inch with the cosy dog. Have a nice day.
Hugs Anni