Monday, 21 March 2011

Out and about

Now that the temperatures are above freezing and we get the occasional day of sunshine, I really feel the need to be outside, soaking up nature and getting some much needed excercise. Of course thats the beauty of geocaching, you can be out and about in the sunshine treasure hunting, and you don't even realise you are getting A LOT of excercise, lol.

Last week Nick and I spent a few days finding some caches. Some days were gloriously sunny, others were, errm, let just say, very wet indeed. Somehow it doesn't matter too much normally, only when you spend ages trying to find a cache in the rain and you don't succeed. Then you blame the rain and run off home, lol.

For now I'll just show you some pictures I took when we went to find a new cache near Bodiam Castle. Being the First To Find a new cache and sign the log book is immensely satisfying. It was such a beautiful day, the clues to the cache were inside the castle grounds, so we spend some time happily wombling about and just admiring the beautiful scenery -

The animals are all so used to seeing hordes of people, they dont get out of the way for anybody, lol, and are quite undisturbed by it all -

The castle is quite awe inspiring. Year ago, when the boys were little we used to come here quite a lot. They loved it so much, pretending to be knights in shining armour, climbing the steep stairs in the towers etc, it was quite a magic place for them

There were 3 other caches in and around the castle grounds, of course we had to try and find those as well. One of them led us past a local vineyard ( yes, I know, surprising isn't it, in England )

and the name of the cache became very apparent as soon as we saw this appearing on the horizon -

I loved that view.

Cache found and logged, we made our way down the hill again towards the castle

We ticked off another cache just outside the castle grounds and went home so happy after a lovely morning out.

I really ought to post more photos of the lovely old buildings etc we come across when we are out geocaching. Maybe I ought to put them on a separate blog. I'll think about it. For now, I'll have to try and get on with my ever growing to-do list.

Toodlepip, xxx


Healing Woman said...

I love the pictures of the old castles and buildings. Hope you will post more of them but a separate blog might be hard for me to keep up with viewing. Thanks so much.

LissyLou said...

we went there last year - its a beautiful castle . the boys loved dressing up as knights!!!

ANGIE said...

I love the photos....Thank you for posting them. I plan to visit beautiful England in the next 2 years.

Salma said...

oh wie wunderschön! ich liebe burgen und schlösser! außerdem steh ich ja soooo auf die historischen romane von rebecca gable, die zu einem großteil im englischen mittelalter spielen. und wenn ich dann so tolle fotos sehe, kann man sich die geschichte(n) noch viel lebendiger vorstellen!

mit deinen posts machst du mich immer neugieriger auf geocaching - eine bekannte von mir macht das auch schon, und ist auch ganz begeistert... mal sehen, ob ich mich da mal näher damit beschäftige ;) wenn ja, bist du schuld ;-)

alles liebe




Robin said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of that beautiful castle! It's the closest I'll ever get to one.


sonya said...

Oh Liz, what a beautiful castle! Every time I see a photo of England I always feel home. Why is that? I need to visit! My grandson would love to see places like this! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

What a wonderful castle Liz. Beautiful photos. I can´t wait to get back to the UK in September.
Thanks for sharing.
xo Tina

Croap Queen said...

I'd forgotten how pretty Bodiam Castle is - haven't been there since I was a kid as far as I can remember. Must put it on my (very long) To Do List :-)

Xela said...

Tolle Bilder Liz. Ich finde dieses Geocaching klasse. Ob es das bei uns auch gibt :O
Knuddel Alexandra

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Now that's a real castle! Moat and all. What a great place for kids to have adventures. I can imagine a fab birthday party there.

Dorthe said...

it is wonderfull, the old castle,-no wonder your boyes loved playing knights there.
And the surroundings are beautifull---
do you know we also have a wineyard here on Bornholm?
Hugs to you, dear.

harmony and rosie said...

Beautiful photos, it looks a wonderful place. I was listening to someone talk about geocaching on the radio the other day, I'd never heard of it before and it sounds great fun.

sissie said...

What wonderful mysteries old castles hold inside. I would love to wander through there and see the beauty of it all. You are fortuante to be able to go there and spend the day looking for treasures.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi, dear Liz, What a beautiful castle! I just love the old British architecture and would be happy to see more castles and mansions.
You must have an amazing lot of caches in your area. What fun!