Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it Snow and boot fair booty

It seems the whole of Europe is covered in snow. The difference between the UK and the rest of Europe? Every other country seems to cope with snow sooooooooo much better than we do. It is the same every year, lol, even with plenty of warning, everything goes to pot. Two snow flakes and the country is at a standstill. Having said that, there really is an awful lot of the white stuff around at the moment in pretty much all of the UK. We are stuck in our road, because our house is in a dip, and in order to go anywhere, we have to go UP the road, either end. And that is not happening at the mo.

This was last night, taken from an upstairs window. It was quite bright out there, the snow was reflecting the streetlights, I guess -

And this was today -

My beautiful Hector sniffing out the fat balls for the birds, geez, that boy loves his food -

Poppygirl, she loves playing in the snow, I couldn't get her back in the house for ages -

All the bushes and trees were weighed down with the snow -

And apparently there is more on the way. My poor DS1 got stuck in Rye after work this evening, had to wait for a bus for almost two hours. We had already started looking for a hotel for him, lol, but he just phoned us to let us know that a bus had finally turned up.

On to much more enjoyable things, yay! Here are the pics I promised you in the last post, the ones of last Sunday's boot fair.

You may ask yourselves why on earth I would buy just one spoon and two fish knives.......... I know, a little odd, but there weren't any others in the basket, and there really was a good reason. Look at the handles! They are the most beautiful mother-of-pearl handles! I'd love to take them off and make pendants with them, if only I knew how to solder. Or had the equipment. Or wasn't so scared of ruining them -

The next piece isn't complete either, lol, it is missing the lid, but it had such beautiful decorations, I couldn't resist it. Anyway, a container of any sort is always very useful, right? -

I love old glass vases, I have been collecting them for many years. Often they are pressed glass, sometimes, like in this case, cut glass, and very occasionally cut crystal. This gorgeous tulip shape vase is heavy! I love it when they come with bits, like flower frogs etc. This vase had two, woohoo -

Not much in the way of bling, just a single strand of poils and a pile of glass bead bracelets, which I can use to embroider fabric collages -

Another pack of vintage cards. I do like the animal images on this particular pack -

How could anybody not want this gorgeous dessert set? Large bowl, six individual bowls and the six plates to put them on -

How about these two mugs with lids? They are so pretty, beautiful lustre ware with the prettiest flowers and really good gilding as well -

My most favourite recent find though, not from the boot fair, I hasten to add, is this piece of trench art from the first World War. In order to find out more about it, I read quite a bit on the internet, and it was so sad to read the stories of soldiers making pieces like this, literally stuck in the mud in the trenches, out of spent shell casings and other bits. Prisoners of war apparently made trench art pieces as well. Some pieces were made when the soldiers returned home. This cross has a little ring attached on the back so that you can hang it from a chain, like a necklace. The figure of Christ is quite worn. Who knows how many times it has been rubbed in prayer for the war to end, or for the loved one who made it and sent it, to return. Or maybe the loved one never returned and this cross was the only keepsake left -

I hope everybody is safe, wherever you are. Toodlepip xxx


Jille said...

You have found some lovely bits and pieces. I always have a soft spot for china and I particuarly love your dessert set and lidded mugs - they would certainly keep your drink warm in this chilly weather!
Jille x

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

rassure-toi, chez nous aussi tout est bloqué quand il tombe 3 flocons ! demain je travaille de chez moi, parce que je ne veux pas passer3 heures sur la route !!

marigold jam said...

I love the biscuit barrel minus lid - filled with flowers it would look great and nobody would notice the lid anyway! How sad those pieces of trench art are - what stories they could tell! Probably just as well they can't?!


Salma said...

hello :)

i can reassure you that other countries do NOT cope any better with the snow.

even here in austria it is the same procedure as last - erm - every year. on sunday we had this winter's first snow - about 10 cm. and everybody was going nuts about it! one should think that people in austria are used to have snow in late november or december...


i absolutely love your boot fair-stuff! the spoon and knives are gorgeous! :)

have a nice evening!

sonya said...

Hello Lu,
We've had our share of snow here too, which is kind of unusual.
I love all your carboot loot! I love the spoon and fish knives! The mother of pearl is gorgeous.
But I REALLY love that trench art cross! Fabulous! What I could do with that!;)And the dessert set is wonderfu! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Oh I do like your new chair cushions!! Oh how white and pretty everything is. I'm glad your dear boy arrived back eventually, there's nothing like having the family all in their right places at times like this.

Green thumb said...

The whole of Europe is covered with snow..except Venice where we're having nothing than showers from ages :)
Lovely set for serving your pudding :)

Catje said...

Hi. Even in Norway we have problems with the first snow, but we do have snow tires, which helps a lot, once everybody has had the time to put them on, mind you! Never happens BEFORE the snow falls, of course.

As ususal, beautiful finds! Loved the dessert set with "cross stiches"! :)


Sheila said...

Oooh pretty, pretty finds! I love those handles, they are so beautiful, the plates are amazing too!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Liz,
your garden looks as beautifull as mine, --full of snow---and your new finds, ---fantastic that you can still go find things on boot fairs, this time of year. The mugs are soooooo gorgeus, dear.
I`m in Copenhagen looking after Mathilde: Chicken pocks!!!!
Hope to be home tomorrow evening, if the weather allows..
Hugs and kis--Dorthe

Xela said...

Was für wunderbare Fotos Liz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz!
Just wanted to stop in and say hello and wish you luck on my giveaway! I love the name of your blog...probably b/c I tend to spend a lot of time in lala land myself -teehee! I really enjoyed seeing your artwork. I bet the garland will be just lovely:)
Well, have a great night!

Karen said...

OMG! I am just catching up! I LOVE YOUR SNOW!
OMG How awesome is that?
I would be in Heaven - pure Heaven - making snow angels down the middle of the yard!!!
Oh I am PEA GREEN with envy! You lucky duck.
OK, back to reading the rest of your posts. Sorry I've been AWOL!
:) Hugs! Karen