Friday, 21 May 2010

Seaside tags

I mentioned yesterday that I had scanned some small fish images from an old encyclopaedia. I love those little engravings, I had some bird ones the other day for birdie tags. Perhaps I'll find some nice small butterfly engravings next time I look through the book.

Anyway, The fish put the idea of seaside tags in my mind again. Originally, I had planned to use some bathing beauties, but couldn't find any. Darling Anne from Birdcages and Butterflies has now come to the rescue and emailed me some, woohoo! Thank you so much, Annie, you are a star! Dang, I do get sidetracked, lol. Back to the fish and the seaside tags, lol.

I had some white tags, but I wanted them to be blue really, so I nicked my granddaughter's watercolour box ( shame on me ) and did a very gentle blue wash over the white tags. Worked ok. Aged the little printouts of the fish, added a bit of a song called The Crystal Sea, a couple of shells, a little fish and some stickles glitter glue which looked like golden sand to me. Tadaa, seaside gift tags -

Oh yes, forgot to mention, there are lighthouse pictures as well, lol.

Didn't have much time for anything else today, we have our granddaughter Paige with us at today and tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for the weekend, weather should be great, which means a couple of boot sales, a bit of gardening, and lots of feeling great in the sunshine, yay!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are. Toodlepip, xx


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Those are just beautiful! I love the beachy colors, too! ;) Have a fun weekend!

Dorthe said...

Liz , they are wonderfull, I too, love the blue with those fish items,-they are realy beautifull,and perfect with the song...
Wuuuhhhuuu, I too so hope for dry weather tomorrow, so I can go to boot sales,too .We have one every saturday, the whole summerseacon, if only it does not rain.
Apart form that, it is sewing in my studio, for the shop.Had customers today, but without selling anything...
Have a lovely evening dear, kind of nice knowing you have evening ,like me,now,- when many in USA are only starting their day some houers ago.

Hugs, hugs, Dorthe

Serenata said...

It's not fair... you are just sooo clever and have such a good eye...oh okay it is fair. ;-)

They are really lovely, it always amazes me how well you combine different things to such good effect.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sarah said...

Oh you are one naughty Oma! Honestly, nicking the poor child's paints? What will it be next aye? I do love your new tags so maybe it was good to be naughty this time. Very cute with the shells on them. Well done!

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

your tags are sooooo nice ! I love them !!!
big hugs from France !!

*Ulrike* said...

Those are beautiful! Gets me in the mood for the beach!!

harmony and rosie said...

Stunning work, you are clever xx

val said...

These are just gorgeous and so inspiring! I never would have thought of making such beautiful gift tags - it's like giving two presents, the tag becomes a bookmark :0)

vicki said...

I am crazy in love with the seaside tags! Oh my gosh!!! what an inspiration~~~