Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Beautiful roses

Not in the garden, unfortunately, ours haven't started flowering yet, but on some gorgeous pieces I found at a boot fair not long ago. I couldn't believe it when I saw this lovely big set of matching pieces -

There is a set of three jugs in different sizes -

A small round wash bowl and water jug -

A large oval wash bowl and oval water jug -

I love the deep pink which frames the gorgeous rose design so beautifully -

I have finally finished my apron for Luisa from Dance in my Garden. I can't show you any photos yet, that will have to wait until she receives it, of course. It was such a lot of fun searching through my fabric stash and picking a fabric, and all the other bits and pieces for the apron. I think the last time I made an apron I was about ten years old and my grandmother showed me how to.

And because this is such an uncharacteristically short post, I'll give you some sweet images, which you may be able to use in your artwork -

Toodlepip, xxx


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Those china pieces are absolutely STUNNING! What a great find they were! Lucky you! ;)

Createology said...

Love your rose china treasures. You always find the best items. Happy collecting...

Dorthe said...

Liz, dear,

How lucky, my goodness,? they are realy stunning, how beautifull, --can I say that 10 more times??--lol
They realy are wonderfull, the whole set, --don`t your heart beat a little faster when seing them in your home?

Looking forward seing your apron, sweet, I also did not make such a thing since long,long ago.

Thanks for the sweet images, love the flower ones.

Have a lovely evening, or sleep well, it is soon my bed time,here.
Hugs, Dorthe

Sarah said...

Goodness all that pink and roses, you can't beat that Liz. Very nice to have so many pieces of a set. I love your ending pics too. Such cute little ones.

Country Nanny said...

Oh Liz, I love this set! It's fab and PINK!!! I'm in my pink period :) And what about the rose? They're so delicate...
Thanks for your images: they're really sweet.

MarmaladeRose said...

Hmmm...lots of eye candy. Love the images, very pretty.

harmony and rosie said...

They're stunning and it's driving me crazy, you're just the luckiest person ever. Do you do the lottery?

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. I would love those but I am trying so hard to clean out some of the stuff I already have. I wish I had a thrift store so I could have pretty things to look and at then sell them. Got your package. Don't remember winning anything though. But my memory is something else.

Debby said...

Hi Liz, they are really very gorgeous, so pretty.

Rustique Gal said...

Liz, Such sweet rosie pieces! You can never have too many pink rose pieces!
Sweet images to play with too. Hope you have a happy day!

Catje said...

I can't believe how beautiful your roses are compared to ours. I never seem to find the "correct" roses, neither here in Norway nor in Sweden. Again, must go to the UK for bargain hunting :)


Isobel said...

Wow, Liz! What gorgeous china set! They are really amazing.
I am planning to go to the car boot this coming Sunday (weather permitting and Hubby being up to it as we don't have any where I can go on foot). Hope I can find lovely things like you do. :)

Florence and Mary said...

I adore bowl and jug sets and yours is fantastic!

Victoria x

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Liz, wow, what a beautiful set! I've never seen so many matching jugs before. The colors and the pattern are very pretty. Congratulations on that great find!
Have a wonderful evening!

marie said...

Oh my! These pieces are amazing. The rose pattern is so very beautiful.
Are those knife rests I see in the picture? Whatever they are I think they are very pretty.

Lace hearts said...

What a wonderful find. Very pretty indeed.

Andi's English Attic said...

Wow, I wonder if there was any more to the set? What a great find. xx

Catherine said...

What beautiful painted roses! Wow - 3 graduated sized pitchers - what a find! And, the matching pitcher and bowl, also! It's hard to imagine such a boot sale - one that would have fabulous items like these! They are all lovely!
Thank you for posting the sweet vintage images as well!