Friday, 16 April 2010

Ok, so I am a total dumbo, sigh

I thought it would be a good idea to actually post some lovely old French bits and pieces on the Vintageland blog, with a paypal button, to make it nice and easy. Hmmm. Eventually I found out how to post a button, and it works. It takes you to the proper Paypal page. And then I thought, hang on a minute, what happens after somebody buys something by clicking on the paypal button and paying for it? Will the button disappear from my blog? And if it doesn't disappear, will anybody else, who tries to buy the same (already sold ) item get blocked from doing so by Paypal? Errm, the answer appears to be no, and no again. My son and I tested it. That really bugged me. There has got to be a way to make sure that the purchase can only be made by one person. Does anybody have experience with this and can explain to me in simple terms what I need to do??? I'll be eternally grateful.

Now that I have depressed myself totally by failing to solve this, I really need something to cheer myself up. So back to the France photos we go. There are bound to be more I can show you.

Ah yes, this photo of Poppy had me in stitches, until you make it nice and big, it actually looks to me as if she has been blowing a pink chewing gum bubble, which has burst over her muzzle. I love this pic -

And talking of creatures, these interesting little creatures started running over the stonework as soon as the sun came out and warmed the stones -

The little lizard is right above the barn door there. Oh, talking of barn doors, lolol, I love our barn door, its soooooo old, and the wood is sooooo wonderfully gnarled and silvered and just gorgeous, and all the old ironware on it, but look for yourselves -

There, I feel much better now, having looked at France piccies. But I would still really appreciate any help you can give me with the above query.



Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - I wouldn't have got that far with the Paypal thing! Will look forward to seeing the French things.xx

marigold jam said...

Can't help with the paypal thing I'm afraid that's way beyond me! Love that door and the ironmongery on it and those little lizzards took me back to our time in France when the cats used to catch them and bring them in and let them go!


Dorthe said...

Hi sweet, can`t help you,don`t know anything abut that,myself.....
But I can enjoy your wonderfull photoes,love the lizzard,on your old door ,what a beautifull silver shine it has,Liz,
bet you will soon find out,about Paypal, help is not far away here in blogland.
Wishing you a lovely week-end.

Sarah said...

No good asking me! Don't have a clue about that sort of stuff.

Nice door Liz. Perhaps you'd like to see a photo of our door too? No? Oh well. No really it is wonderful and the wood is so nicely aged. Got any lovely windows too?

Mrs Mac said...

Have you tried the Track Inventory option - 'step 2' when you set up your button?

I've set up a few things in my blog shop this way ... I haven't sold anything and I haven't tested it, so I'm really just assuming (hoping!) it works. lol!

Kelly said...

No Idea on the paypal thingy!
Love the france pictures though!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't help you with the Paypal question but sure do like the aspects of that barn.

Elizabethd said...

Like all others, no help at all! But the photos are gorgeous.
Maybe you could go find a blogger who uses Paypal and ask them how to do it.

Yitte said...

I have no idea about paypal but i love your french photo's. especially from the dog he is adorable.

sissie said...

Hi LuLuLiz,
I can't help either with the Paypal. I do know that PayPal is very secure and takes responsiblity for screw ups.

But I do love your photos and the one of your doggie does look like he is blowing a big ole pink bubblegum bubble. How cute.


ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

sorry I can't help you...
your dog is so cute !!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I'm sorry, Liz, I can't be of any help with your PayPal question. Aren't lizards just too cute? I always love watching them when I see them on vacation somewhere.