Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Boot Fair Booty Part 1

I didn't think I would be able to get to a boot fair on Sunday, as I had been booked to do a town walk with a group of German school kids that morning, right in the middle of prime boot fair time. 9.15 to approx 11.30 am. But it was a beautiful morning and a boot fair about half hour drive away was supposed to start at 6.30........ quick calculation, yep, just about enough time to have a quick womble about, get back and be ready for the tour at 9.15. We are early risers anyway so we took off at 6.15 and got there about 6.45. Too early! Darn. Most of the stall holders there were still setting up, and not that many had turned up at all yet. But it wasn't a wasted journey, I am happy to say, we came away with a few little treasures which made the trip worthwhile.

But what to do about the big local-ish boot fair I usually go on a Sunday? Hmmm, even though it is supposed to be a late start one, by midday its almost over, and some of the stall holders start packing up. My darling No.3 son came to my rescue. He picked me up after the tour, drove me to the bootfair, which was still going strong at 11.45 and left me there to go treasure hunting. I did have my trusted trolley with me ( son had thoughtfully put it in his car for me ), and of course it came in very handy indeed, because treasures were found! I don't care how many of you laugh at me for having a ( rather funky ) trolley, and I do get a lot of stick, but it saves my back and that I am very grateful for. Books are heavy, gals!

I honestly can't remember what I bought where, The sensible thing would have been to do a post for each one. But when have I ever been sensible, lol? I think I have to split the post anyway, because there are so many photos. Yes, yes, I know, I get somewhat carried away taking pics, can't help it.

Ok, lets get started then. The beautiful bedside lamp I had in our bedroom in France was one of the many items stolen in the break-in, and I have been looking for something to replace it for a long time. I found this lovely Art Nouveau style lamp at the first boot fair ( yay, I remembered, lol ), and it is perfect for our yellow bedroom, as it has the prettiest yellow glass shade -

I also finally found the perfect old jug decorated with roses, again to replace a stolen one. It is soooo pretty, with the gorgeous colourful roses on one side of the jug, and the much plainer design on the other side.

See that cup in the first photo? It is huuuuuuuuge, lol, and really beautiful. The guy selling it said he thought it was about 80 years old, it had belonged to his great grandmother. She must have been some tea drinker, lol -

This little trinket box was too pretty to pass up, don't you agree?

And I found another "rosy" covered vegetable dish for the cottage, yay! I love mixing different patterned china together when there is a big bunch of us eating outside under the trees in the summer

Well, those are the items shown in the first boot fair photo, so I suppose thats a good place to break off and finish this post. The rest of the finds I'll show in Part 2 tomorrow, or maybe tonight if get a chance.

Have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are xx


Catje said...

Love the jug! Beautiful pattern. I like rose patterns too, but never seem to find the "right" one. I guess I should take a trip to England :)

And I like your trolley! Very bright! Not an "old lady"-one at all!


Maria said...

The vegetable dish is very pretty Liz, my youngest two girls (2 & 4) keep asking for a 'proper' flowery t.set, I think they mean something like that. The chance of me finding them one is pretty slim though I don't seem to have your nose for things ! They live in hope !

Kelly said...

Great finds!! THe lamp is great and I really love the veggie dish!!

Elizabethd said...

We all love the vegetable dish it seems! It is so very pretty and will look lovely on your French table.

Serenata said...

Very pretty vegetable dish and as to your trolley, almost as bright as NATS (my trolley - Jus named it last year 'Nana at the shops' trolley!) LOL, I had to get it as I couldn't carry anything after my operation and now I wouldn't be without it! As you say books are heavy!

LissyLou said...

wonderfull finds! i really love the trinket box, sooo pretty x

sadie said...

I must apologise. I joked about stealing the lovely lampshade you showed, but I had no idea you had had your French home broken into. I'm so sorry about both. I would not jest about such a thing if I'd known it had happened for real. There are some absolute rotters around. :O(

Loving all the goodies. You find some corking stuff. And no mickey taking about the trolley from me. I've already told my husband that I need a fabulous trolley like that. When I stop having to wheel gorgeous girl around, I will miss pushing the pram. So a trolley is going to be my replacement! And it will save my back too, which is vital as it can play up something chronic.

Time I was away. Nice to know I'm not the only one who likes to get up at the crack of dawn! xx

Lululiz said...

Sadie, no apologies necessary, honestly. The break-in was a couple of years ago. It was a bit traumatic at the time because I lost some precious Silver Anniversary gifts as well, but I got over it. And hey, all of a sudden I had plenty of empty spaces to fill again with boot fair and vide greniers finds ( ahem, which I have well and truly managed by now ) xx

Florence and Mary said...

Fantastic finds!!! I always take my trolley to the boot sales. So much easier than lugging around heavy bags.

Victoria x

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Lizzie!!! I have missed you! I know you were here all along, I was away, but you were away a few weeks back too! Anyway, just looking through your old posts and wow, you have gotten some wonderful treasures over the past few weeks! Good for you. Hugs,Kim

made with love said...

Great finds, love the jug and the lamp.
I also think your shopping trolley is cool.
Have a great week,
Rachael xx

Barbara Jean said...

Love that pitcher with the roses, and the 2 bowls with flowers.

Garage sales starting up here, but first i have to get my store finished up.

Thanks for the visits.


barbara jean

Floss said...

You really have found some lovely things there, Liz. And I have a trolley too! It has an 'all terrain' wheel system so I think it looks quite rugged and active, not little-old-lady. And yours is too groovy to be grannyish. And anyway, granny chic is the in thing!

This lady doth protest too much, I think. I'll shut up.

Anonymous said...

Everything is amazing! I adore the dish with roses .

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ said...

Whow...your lucky day!!!
I love the fantastic veggie dish and the trinket box. Yes, you found very lovely things.!!

Croap Queen said...

Very pretty finds again madam :-)

Do the stallholders put their sunglasses on when they see that trolley coming at them? Heehee

JJ x

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That lamp and jug are gorgeous!
Wonderful, wonderful finds! :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding! You found them all at ONE BOOT FAIR? Not an antique store with too-high prices? When can I come visit you?! LOL! I want to go antiquing with YOU!


Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie, you surely are visiting some wonderfull boot fairs, what fantastic finds, again, I`m so in love with the jug,but all of the finds, are so lovely.
What a pleasure seing all this beauty.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Andi's English Attic said...

The lamp is very nice and I especially like the big tea cup.
I have a trolly. It's a black and white cowhide pattern and I don't care who laughs. It means I don't get loaded down with bags, I don't have to put anything down to look at other stuff and I don't have to keep nipping back to the car to unload.
Perhaps you or I should do a linky - Off Yer Trolly. I bet we're not the only ones who own one! xx

Debby said...

So many pretties, love the jug, beautiful.

Rustique Gal said...

What lovely finds for you. It's good to have a reason to get them, don't you think? (the robbery) Love the rose themed things the best. AND I love your trolley. I'd be proud to drag it around! Sherry

Sarah said...

Hi Aunty Lizzie

Your trolley looks soooo sweet!Love M.
Honestly that girl sometimes. I can't stop imagining a womble with a granny trolley when I read your blog. I wonder, did Madame Charlotte have one? Anyway lovely roses set.

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness... I almost fainted when I scrolled down to these... more fabulous finds - these are GORGEOUS! The roses on the china covered dish (eating outside with your antique dishes is one of the most lovely things I can imagine), the beautiful lidded, handpainted dish, and that amazing pitcher with roses... and the large antique tea cup and lamp with yellow glass shade - what stunning finds. How wonderful that you are living "everyday" with such items - Beautiful!

Barbara Jean said...

I'm so enjoying catching up while here.

Thanks for all the lovelies that you have purchased, and made, and shared with us.

barbara jean