Thursday, 22 April 2010

A few finds from the weekend

I wanted to show you a few recent boot fair finds. The first photos are of a beautifully aged bird bath, which is coming to France with us in a couple of weeks. It will look so lovely in the garden there -

It is not an antique, the people I bought it from had had it in their garden for 18 years, but the weather over the years has done a great job on it.

Here are a few other bits and pieces, some of which will soon find their way into Vintageland!

I was quite pleased to find this lovely copper bowl full of fabulous bits and pieces for collages, drawer plates, small handles, lurvely stuff -

A gorgeous vintage brooch, really sparkly and beautiful rich colours -

A fabulously intricate 28 year calendar! Isn't this the most amazing brass gadget? I haven't seen one of these before, and I find it totally intriguing. You try and figure out how it works! I am not very good at it, but I think it is beautiful -

At long last I also found some lovely ephemera, some from the 19th C. -

A lovely Huntley & Palmers tin -

An old metal hole punch, sooo much nicer -

A gorgeous little silver plated ladle, perfect for making a little birds nest in-

Oh, and this fabulous very vintage Lexicon game, complete with instructions -

This is really something quite special. I believe it is a Victorian mourning brooch and it is incredibly beautiful. It is glass, incredibly detailed and has a silvered back, is surrounded with diamante, and sewn onto a black chiffon ruffle. Two diamante pieces are missing, but can easily be replaced. I love this one, because of the silvered back, it has incredible depth and sparkle.

These gorgeously tactile vintage ribbons are French, but I bought them over here at a boot fair. The narrower one is every so soft and silky and definitely the older one

Crikey, I hadn't realised how much I had bought, there are loads of pics left, but I think this post is quite long enough. I'll post some more boot fair finds tomorrow, and I can promise you, there will be one item which will have you in fits of giggles. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it on the stall.

Well, see you all tomorrow then, xxx


VintageVicki said...

Blimey - what an excellent haul :)

Love the birdbath - I'm on the hunt for one for our garden.

I shalln't get booting this weekend - other things happening :(

Sadie said...

no, your post is not long enough! Show more! what gorgeously scrumptious finds. Lucky you :o)

Croap Queen said...

Oh I do wish Blogger had emoticons - there'd be a big fat green, jealous one from me. You are so good at finding all that stuff.

JJ x

Anonymous said...

Is it true that you go a'booting with a granny trolley? If so it must have been bulging with this magnificent haul!lol xx

Andi's English Attic said...

What a lot of fab things. I especially like the first two items. The bird bath is wonderful. I have my first boot sale of the year at the weekend. SO looking forward to it. xx

TinyBear said...

ooohhhh - what great finds Liz. I LOVE those old handles in the bowl. I´m always looking for this too, and it´s so hard to find over here. Love the game cards, and cabinet cards and emphemera too. Lucky you ;D
Wishing you wonderful evening.
xo Tina

Serenata said...

Surely not another hole punch! I posted about one today as well - aren't they great?

Some really fabulous finds Liz!

Debby said...

Oh me, oh my, what a gorgeous post. I love each and every piece of your wonderful finds. The bird bath is fab, the calendar incredible, everything perfect.

Kelly said...

Lovely! You did get a lot and its all yummy beautiful!!! That vintage hardware and ephemera is going to look amazing once your majuc has been worked on it!!!

Sarah said...

Good grief woman!!Fabulous haul that lot. Love the calendar and the bird bath. I'm quite sure this didn't fit into the granny trolley Helen! Bet your poor man had sore arms by the end of it though.

*Ulrike* said...

Love, love the birdbath! You found some fantastic finds!! Can't wait to see all the others!





Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

My goodness! You have made a killing! I don't know what I love the most....perhaps that fabulous calendar? It all is so're a lucky lady! I look forward to seeing the next post!

Createology said...

Wonderful treasures you have acquired. Happy collecting...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Liz, Wow, what gorgeous treasures! The calendar is awesome and I also love all those plates and handles. What pretty brooches and lovely ephemera. The bird bath is very sweet. Have fun with all those great finds!
Have a great weekend!

harmony and rosie said...

Yet more wonderful stuff, I can't it any more! Love that mourning brooch - so much!

Kate x

harmony and rosie said...

I meant to say "I can't take it any more" - you see I'm so shocked by your outrageous luck I can't speak properly!!!

Maria said...

How do you do that ! I must be looking in the wrong place because all I ever find is a right load of tat LOL Maria :)

Dorthe said...

My goodness Liz,
Can`t I come with you next time, lol.Those treasures would not be to find here, they are wonderfull,- so Love the beautifull calender,the brooches, and the bath is so fantastic, too.
Congratulations with all your great,things, dear.
And have a lovely week-end,friend.
Hugs,Dorthe said...

Wow girl, I guess I need to hop a plane & come flea with you! What a haul. The birdbath is divine. The bowl of hinges & pulls is just what I'm always looking for. Use them on everything. Love it! The calendar thing, whatever it is, TDF! The coolest! What will you do with it? And the ephemera, love the photo's, all of it. If there was more, I cannot imagine! You hit the mother load. Lisa
PS word verification for my comment is bride!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz - it sure is dinner service & hole punch week! My next post is about a suitcase full of china that I bought (just after the last set). My husband just doesn't get it at all....xx

Barbara Jean said...

oooooh! Love it all!!!

off to paint walls now.

barbara jean