Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Getting back to blogging in 2018

Really, you say? Heard it all before. Sigh. I know. It is just so easy to take photos on the phone, do a quick post on Instagram, push one slider and they magically appear on my FB page as well. I can do simple tasks like that on the phone, lolol ( but thats about it, apart from actually using it as a phone, lol ). No need to crank up the computer, try and remember how to edit photos lol and try and do a write up. And no need to log on to FB every day either, woohoo.

How much have I missed though by not being in blogland? Or on FB? I hate to think. It was only by accident that I saw some info about the revival of the Simply Neutrals Tuesday by sweet Wen on appleapricot. I used to love that link up so much and was so sad when it came to a halt. It is all because of Wen that I decided to get back to blogland, so blame her! :-).

So, first post of the 2018 ( and hopefully the first of many, errmmm ) is for Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday. I had taken a pic of some tiny treasures I had found in a teeny box in my sewing basket of all places yesterday, and they are all pretty neutral, so thats my pic for the link up -

Thank you so much, Wen, for getting me back to blogging!

If you are also a lover of neutrals, then please do join her linky party on her blog HERE.

As this is a rather boring time of the year, and as I am not crafting, just filling box after box after box with my French treasures for storage so we can sell the house one of these days, I might just revive my " Looking back to Spring and Summer  in France " last year. Might cheer me up, seeing the glorious views, blue sky and sunshine, and family and friends again.

Toodlepip xxx


Jeanie said...

Well, I, for one, am glad you are back on blog because I'm not a fan of Instagram and avoid it. Too much clutter, too little personality. I hope you return and return soon, whether it is a photo or two or something longer. You were missed.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

So glad you are back, dear Liz. Missed you and hope all is well.
Have a lovely rest of the week. Love your tiny treasures:)

Dorthe said...

Such many beautiful treasures, dear Liz- and so lovely to see you here again,- yes now we will make you keep your promise, lol.
And I agree with Jeanie , on Instagram is far to little personality , only quick chats, and a photo.
I hope to keep you here :-)
Big hugs from Dorthe xxx

Lace Age Girl said...

Hello Liz,
What an interesting group of vintage treasures. You must have so much fun hunting for them. Imagine what pleasure unpacking your treasures again in a new house...
Have a great week.
Jesse XX

suziqu's thread works said...

These are precious Liz and perhaps you put them there so they wouldn't get lost. What better place and your sewing basket. Perhaps they have been travelling to and fro with you to France for a while now LOL!
So good to be sharing with you here again my dear friend!
Love and hugs,

Wen Sylvestre said...

Lol yes please blame me, dear Liz, I'm not in the least regretting it! :) So wonderful to see you back in blogland! Thank you for sharing with us these beauties you found. Those beautiful angles and the handsome young men, wonder what their stories are. Sending you big hugs, happy to have you back! xx

June Macfarlane said...

Welcome back to Blogland. These are gorgeous. I love and have missed your beautiful posts. Oh and not sure if you are following my 57 beyond blog. Please do if you want to. Happy New Year btw, Hugs June x