Wednesday, 29 June 2016

In France

When even my darling husband tells me off for not having blogged for over month, then I know I have to do something about it. So here we go, catch up post, Spring in France and maybe hopefully almost Summer!

I don't think we have ever had such a wet Spring in the 13 years we have had the cottage. Yes, we have had floods in the village below us once or twice over the years, but this year the river has broken its banks at least three times this Spring -

It was cold and wet for so long, we couldn't do anything in our vegetable garden. My DH bought me a little greenhouse so that I could at least start some seeds off, and that worked well, it was such a pleasure to see little plantlets appearing. I kept them in the greenhouse as long as I could, but eventually they had to be planted out. We had the odd dry and sunny day, and we planted out what we could. We bought tomato plants, kept them in the greenhouse for a while and during a rare spell without rain, planted them out. Oh woe, the ground was still so wet, and after a couple of days it starting raining again, and all the tomato plants died a horrible death. The other veggie plants clung on, and survived, but nothing grew. Nothing except the grass and the weeds of course. And we never had a long enough dry spell to cut the grass, and the longer it grew, the more impossible it got. I didn't even want to go to my craftavan, as it meant braving horribly wet grass as tall as me almost, to get there. And my muse had gone and got herself drowned anyway, so what was the point? 

There were a few bright spots though. The wisteria flowered -

and so did the old roses -

the blossoms all got mushed by the rain of course, but at least for a few days we had beautiful roses.

I bought potted plants to add some colour to the garden -

and that cheered me up a bit. I think all the rain really got me down though, seeing our veggie garden in such a terrible state was depressing. I just wanted to curl up with my doggies and a book and forget about the world.

But I don't want to end this first post after such a long break on such a sad note, the good news is, summer has finally arrived we think :-). We are having a few lovely dry and sunny days and the veggies in the garden are finally growing, yay. And.......... my wonderful husband has bought me some new tomato plants, so hopefully I won't be without toms straight from garden this summer.

Got lots lots more to tell you all, of course, especially about the wonderful doggies at the shelter where we help out a couple of times a week. I will tell my DH to remind me every couple of days to blog :-)! Bedtime for me now though, lol, can't handle late nights these days.

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Hello my dear friend,
Wonderful to see you again Liz, and with the amazing photos of the rainy France. We have seen pictures from Paris, in TV, where all was under water,too. How strange is nature these last years. But it looks so beautiful, on the pictures. That said of course you got depressed ,that all was so wet, so your tomatoes did not want to live.... I so hope the new ones, your husband ,gifted you, are growing willingly :-) and that the sun will come back, to tell the story of summer :-)
Warmest hugs from Dorthe xxx

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

I'm so sorry about all the water, Lizzie! Good thing, the sun is finally out and your veggies started growing. Your wisterias look gorgeous and your potted plants are very lovely as well. We found out that turtles had been eating our salad plants and put a barrier in place. I had no luck again this year growing parsley and chives but at least the basil grows like crazy.
Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Julia

Sophie said...

Oh, meine Liebe, es hat auch Südfrankreich nicht verschont...
Was für ein Wetter war das?!
In Deutschland schwere Unwetter, Dauer-Gewitter, Tornados, gebrochene Dämme, Tote Menschen, brennende Häuser...
Und das über 4 Wochen lang täglich.
Und das bei meiner Gewitter.Panik :-(
Aber hier oben, in unserer Ecke, haben wir mal wieder ziemliches Glück gehabt.

Ich hoffe, dein Garten hat sich erholt und alles wächst und spriesst.
Ich habe dieses Jahr nur Kräuter in meinen Töpfen.
Irgendwie habe ich den Zeitpunkt verschlafen für Tomaten, etc...
Aber was soll's...die Nachbarin hat täglich frische kleine Tomaten, dort hole ich mir dann mein gesundes Gemüse.
Ich wünsche dir dort eine schöne Zeit, geniesse es...
Herzlichst Sophie

Betsy said...

Dear Liz!
Oh, all that water!! It is still so beautiful in your pictures, the Wisteria and your lovely old roses, flourished in the rain! The Dahlia's turned out beautifully in the summer sun once it warmed up, didn't they??!!! So glad things are progressing and frowning more now. Love your pictures, as ever!
Hugs, my dear girl!

Betsy said...

That was supposed to say "Growing"!!! Lol